Can I Straighten My Teeth without Braces?

Don’t want to deal with braces? You’re definitely not alone. To be totally honest, traditional orthodontics can leave a lot to be desired. You have to have metal brackets bonded to your teeth and wear wires connecting them for months. You experience soreness after every orthodontic appointment. You have to adapt your diet and avoid […]

What Can I Eat with Dentures?

If you’re new to dentures, everything probably feels a little strange. The new teeth in your mouth are a big change, and they’re going to take a bit of an adjustment period to feel natural. The good news? Once you make it past that period, you’re going to feel like yourself again. We’ve got the […]

Why You MUST Replace Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

How old is your toothbrush? If there’s absolutely no way you can answer that question, it’s probably time to chuck it and grab a new one. And if you’re like most Americans, the toothbrush sitting in your bathroom is long overdue for replacement. When you brush your teeth, you remove bad bacteria from your mouth […]

The Systemic Benefits of Awesome Oral Health

  You know that healthy teeth and gums help you build a beautiful smile and avoid uncomfortable, expensive dental appointments. But staying healthy has positive ramifications far beyond that. In fact, research continues to suggest that avoiding dental problems will help you avoid other health conditions – including some of the most serious. Your oral […]

Stress-Free Ways to Get Your Kids Eating More Vegetables

As we learn more about more about how to stay healthy, kids’ attitudes toward vegetables aren’t evolving quite as quickly. The problem is, plenty of health-boosting nutrients are lurking in those “yucky” veggies – and they should be a part of your child’s diet. Today, vegetable consumption in preschool-aged children remains well below what is […]

This Denture is Changing Tooth Replacement (For the Better)

  Dentures are supposed to replace missing teeth. But all too often, your replacement teeth look and feel so different from the real thing that they totally miss the mark. If your dentures aren’t behaving like natural teeth, then they’re just not worth it. Fortunately, you don’t have to either put up with slipping, clicking […]

One Simple Timeline for Your Child’s Dental Health [Infographic]

  If you’re a new parent, there’s a lot going on right now that feels confusing and unfamiliar. Take this opportunity to clear up at least one factor – your new baby’s dental health. While your daughter or son may not yet have any pearly whites peeking through their gums, they’ll be showing up soon […]

Why Did My Dentist Recommend a Mouth Guard?

Just had a dental exam, and found your dentist recommending a mouth guard? It’s always a little stressful to have a new dental appliance in your life – but it can be such a positive thing. Guards help prevent more serious dental problems and protect your teeth. Learning more about what you’re avoiding by wearing […]

Is Your Jaw Pain Due to Cavities? When to Get Help

Your jaw is actually a complicated piece of biological machinery. The components within work in harmony to allow you to bite, chew, and speak with ease. But sometimes one component can throw the others off, like when your jaw muscles clench and cause your teeth to grind. However, this is just one source of jaw […]

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Dental Problems During Pregnancy

There’s so much to think about during a pregnancy, especially if it’s your first. But are you remembering to make your oral health a top priority? While your teeth and gums may not seem like they deserve extra attention when you’re expecting, pregnant women actually face increased oral health risks. Keep reading to learn more […]