solea laserAre you avoiding dental treatment that you desperately need for fear of the drill? Do you know someone who is terrified of shots? Laser Dentistry by Solea and Hoffman Dental Care is the answer!

We are proud to offer new laser technology for anesthesia-free, pain-free dental procedures.

  • No Needles
  • Little to No Drilling
  • No Prolonged Numbness
  • No Jarring Noises
  • Less Soreness
  • Multiple Procedures in One Visit


What does that mean for you, our patient?

You can keep your teeth in top condition without the fear and anxiety. Solea is far less invasive than a traditional drill, which makes healing time much shorter. You can get right back to your day after your appointment!

Why Solea?

Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard- and soft-tissue procedures. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental, based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry.

Solea offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums, from simple cavities to complex surgeries. Our Solea laser can even be used to treat lip and tongue ties. Lip and tongue ties can be detrimental to breastfeeding success, speech development and the overall appearance and function of your teeth.

Not only is the laser virtually painless, it is also vibrationless and noiseless. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you have had dental treatment.

We, with Solea, are truly changing what it means to go to the dentist!