man eating dinner enjoying his digital dentures
You may struggle with uncomfortable dentures or have heard how irritating wearing dentures can be but the development of digital dental technology has greatly improved the fit and feel of dentures. Hoffman Dental Care offers breakthrough AvaDent Digital Dentures to help you forget years of denture strife or take the next step in regaining a functioning, beautiful smile.

AvaDent’s CAD/CAM technology fabricates dentures that work with you, and for you. The world’s only computer-designed and digitally manufactured denture, AvaDent offers a technically ideal fit that will surpass that of any denture you have tried in the past. Because this technology gets the fit right the first time, your dentures will be ready in as little as three appointments.

How Avadent Dentures Work

AvaDent Enhances Patient Comfort

Digital dentures improve upon the standard denture experience by offering:

  • Fewer appointments – Because your dentures will be so well-fitting, the need for adjustments is much less than with traditional dentures.
  • Precision fit – The high-tech fitting and fabrication methods that AvaDent puts into play will create dentures that fit the way you dream your dentures will fit. They will not be floppy, loose, or uncomfortable to wear.
  • Enduring digital record – Should your dentures become lost or damaged, AvaDent will be able to quickly create a fresh set using your digital impressions that have been kept on file. You won’t be without teeth for long.
  • Bio-hygienic construction – A significant cause of bad breath and sore spots with traditional dentures is the buildup of bacteria. Common dentures are built of porous, acrylic material that facilitates bacterial growth. AvaDent dentures are denser, allowing them to resist bacteria growth and keep your mouth clean.


Deciding On Dentures

Dentures allow for a greater quality of life. Enjoy your days and forget the stress of missing teeth by exploring the impressive restorations of AvaDent.

Patients Love Avadent Dentures