Macomb Dental CrownsWhen we offer our patients dental restorations, we want them to be available as quickly as possible. Streamlining the porcelain crown procedure allows you to return to regular life with a stunning new smile after just one day of dental work. The CEREC single-day crown technology uses a computer to design and mill porcelain crowns in-office.

The state-of-the-art CEREC system was developed at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Over a decade of clinical research and experience supports the CEREC technology. We are excited to be leading the field of same-day crown placement in Macomb County.

How CEREC Crowns Are Made

After preparing your tooth for the crown, we will coat the area with reflective powder. When exposed to a digital infrared camera, this powder allows us to create a 3D impression. We next utilize CAD/CAM (computer assisted design and milling) technology to create crowns from those digital images. Dr. Hoffman and our staff are able to make adjustments to the crown to customize it in any way. Our milling machine will have the crown ready in about a half hour.

While Dr. Hoffman will place the finishing touches on the crown, having precise software and machinery fabricate the crown removes the opportunity for human error while speeding up your treatment.

Standard Crowns Versus CEREC Crowns

Typical porcelain crowns must be made in a dental lab, meaning you’ll need to visit the office twice to complete treatment. CEREC crowns are milled in our own office, within the span of your appointment. This fabrication shortcut offers the following advantages:

  • No need to wear a temporary crown – Temporaries can be a hassle; rendering them unnecessary will save you time and effort. You’ll only need to wait about 30 minutes after your tooth is prepared, and we will then seat the permanent crown.
  • We are able to make adjustments to the crown as needed – Because the crown is fabricated in our office, Dr. Hoffman has complete control of the process.
  • Crowns within a single appointment – You won’t need to schedule a second visit and spend more time in the dental chair. Your restoration will be complete in just one day.
  • Environmentally friendly – Rather than shipping back and forth with a lab, we create the crown in-office, cutting down on packaging and use of resources.

If you’d like to learn more about single day crowns, just give our office a call at 586-580-7517.

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