Caring For Your Teeth During Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is an amazing tool that can transform your smile with relative ease and without your treatment being noticeable. However, successful Invisalign treatment not only means sticking to your treatment plan, but it also requires a commitment to meticulous oral hygiene. Why is oral hygiene so important during this treatment? The Hidden Hygiene Challenge of […]

Overcoming Dental Anxiety with Advanced Treatments

Many people say they “hate the dentist.” Don’t worry, we know you don’t hate us! You just hate the idea of lengthy, painful, stress-inducing dental treatments. Dental anxiety is probably more common than you realize, and unfortunately, it keeps too many people from receiving the care they need. Thankfully, modern dentistry has evolved, introducing advanced […]

Nutritional Supplements for Stronger Teeth and Gums

Eating healthy every day can be a real challenge, especially when you realize the importance of getting in all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need for your body to function optimally. For this reason, nutritional supplements can play a helpful role in complementing our diet, filling the gaps that our not-so-perfect meals […]

The Worst Dental Habits for Tooth Health

Good habits are key when it comes to building and maintaining healthy routines. We all know this is true when it comes to eating well, exercising, and being productive. But what about dental health? Why You Need Good Dental Habits Cultivating good dental habits (and nixing bad ones) is the cornerstone of great oral health. […]

Is There Good Oral Bacteria?

We all know about bad dental bacteria, the microscopic organisms that are responsible for oral health problems like tooth decay and oral infections. But you may have also heard about good bacteria, particularly in the context of your gut microbiome. If there is good bacteria in our gut, does that mean there is good oral […]

5 Ways Lumineers Can Improve Your Smile

A picture-perfect smile can mean approaching the world with confidence. But if you have cosmetic dental concerns, the confidence you’ve always hoped for might be out of reach. Lumineers may be the treatment you’ve been waiting for, and the number of dental concerns they can address may surprise you. What Are Lumineers? Lumineers are ultra-thin, […]

Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dentures

Whether you’ve experienced tooth loss due to age, injury, or other dental issues, dentures can help improve your smile, health, and daily life. However, getting dentures can be a major life event. It’s important to have all the information you need to make your treatment decisions and to experience a smooth transition to dentures. Questions […]

Why Treat a Cavity in a Baby Tooth?

As a parent, your child’s dental health is undoubtedly a top priority. But, of course, you also worry about their comfort and certainly don’t want them to experience unnecessary pain. Which is why we commonly get asked the obvious question about filling a cavity in a child’s baby tooth: is it really necessary? Understanding Baby […]

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips for a Smooth Recovery

We get it; tooth extraction is not on your list of fun ways to spend your day. But sometimes, it is the best treatment option for your dental health. You should be happy to know that tooth extraction is a common procedure, and with the right aftercare, you’ll be more likely to have a fast, […]

What You Should Know About Dental Health and Headaches

Are you one of the millions who suffer from chronic headaches? Even if you have tried over-the-counter pain relievers and other headache remedies, recurring headache pain and discomfort can derail your day, often affecting your work, family, and more. But did you know that the root cause of your recurring headaches might be hiding in […]