10 Super Foods That Strengthen Your Teeth

Eating the right foods is vital to your oral health. Teeth and eating always go together, and healthy teeth are one of the best measures of your overall health. You already know that sugary and acidic foods are bad for your teeth. However, do you also know which foods are beneficial to your oral health […]

How to Be The Queen of Halloween For Your Kids & Their Teeth

Halloween is a tricky time of year for parents, and it becomes more challenging after October 31st when the piles of candy are unloaded on your living room floor. Your kids’ favorite day of the year can quickly turn into your biggest nightmare for their teeth. A lot of scary things can show up in […]

Help Your Kids’ Teeth Survive Halloween With These Tricks and Treats

Halloween is likely one of your child’s favorite holidays. From tricks and treats to dressing up as their favorite characters, children always look forward to collecting bags full of candy from the neighbors. However, as a parent, the image of your child’s teeth rotting from sugar consumption is probably giving you nightmares, and you’re not […]

Nutritional Secrets To Maintaining Your Oral Health As You Age

As we age, our entire bodies change, and not just in how they look. Becoming older also changes how your body functions. It takes your body longer to digest meals, especially if you have a hard time chewing. While you can’t stop the aging process, you can stay healthy. The first step towards good health […]

Back To School With a Healthy Smile

Summer break coming to an end and the beginning of a new school year is the ideal time for parents to ensure their child is in great overall health. Doctors appointments for booster shots and back-to-school shopping trips aren’t the only areas to focus on. The beginning of a new school year is also a […]

Choosing The Best Toothbrush For Your Teeth

Any time you find yourself wandering down the oral health care aisle of a store, you probably become immediately overwhelmed at all of the options. After all, with so many different ones, how are you supposed to feel completely confident in knowing you selected the right toothbrush for you? This helpful guide to choosing your […]

10 Things Invisalign Patients Wish They Had Known Before Treatment

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to get the smile you’ve always wished that you had. The treatment allows you to straighten your smile, without the hassle of metal brackets and wires, all while being virtually invisible. Just as with anything, doing your research before making a significant commitment will help you to understand your treatment […]

What To Expect During a Pediatric Dental Exam

If you have a tiny tot with tiny teeth coming in, you’re probably beginning to wonder when your child should have their first pediatric dental exam. Baby teeth are extremely vital in maintaining your child’s overall health because they hold space for the permanent teeth that will be with your child throughout all phases of […]

Healthy Summer Snacks For Your Kid’s Smile

Snacks seem to make up a big part of your child’s diet, and the snacking limits can really be tested over summer break. It’s important to give your kids the type of snacks your kids will enjoy (and not waste!) and snacks you can feel good about as a parent. These snack ideas and healthy […]

Welcome To Our Family

Hoffman Dental Care is thrilled to announce that we have added two new dentists to our expanding office! In addition to Dr. Michael Hoffman, we are now pleased to offer dental services from Dr. Neha Batra and Dr. Sonal Diora. Without further adieu, here is a little information to help you in getting to know […]