First Time Whitening Your Teeth? Don’t Miss This Guide

Any new dental treatment can feel a little stressful. But knowledge is the best weapon against uncertainty! If you’re trying teeth whitening for the first time, we’d love to put some of your fears to rest. Whether you’re concerned about having unrealistic expectations, damaging your enamel, or making sure your results last as long as […]

How Pop Really Affects Your Teeth (Video)

You hear a lot of big talk about how pop is going to destroy your teeth. But when the kind of experiments that tend to go viral (like the one above) involve soaking a tooth in soda for days on end, it’s hard to see a correlation between that and reality. We’re not holding soda […]

How to Prevent TMJ Problems

If you’ve ever suffered through a period of chronic jaw pain, you know exactly how frustrating, limiting, and life-altering it can be. Between the loss of full jaw function and the daily discomfort, a less-than-healthy jaw presents big problems. What if you could prevent that kind of pain from affecting your life? By learning a […]

How to Prevent Toothaches at Home

If you could skip your next toothache, would you do it? The answer is almost definitely yes – but are you ready to make a few tweaks to your daily life to achieve this goal? With a little guidance, you can take action against dental emergencies and protect your smile in the long term. This […]

Combat Common Denture Problems

Dentures a disappointment? If you’re not comfortable with your tooth replacements, don’t put up with sub-par dentures. There are always options for improving their fit and function – and we want to help you find that happy place when your dentures feel like the real thing. The first step is identifying exactly where your dentures […]

Diagnose & Fix Bad Breath Today

The worst dental problems are those that affect us without us realizing. Nighttime teeth grinding, hidden cavities, painless gingivitis, and bad breath are all concerns that you might not be aware are taking hold in your mouth. But with a little reflection, you can figure out at least one of these issues on your own. […]

What New Invisalign Patients Need to Know

Just received your first set of Invisalign aligners? We know how exciting this time is – but it’s not without its frustrations, either. Starting any new dental or orthodontic treatment comes with bumps in the road. But the better prepared you are, the easier it will be to leap over them. And the final smile […]

Your Best Chipped Tooth Treatment

When a chipped tooth strikes, don’t panic! We know it’s hard to keep your calm (especially if you’re in public or – worse – on a date), but there’s help ahead. Chipped teeth are a common concern for patients of all ages and dental histories. Your dentist will consider every aspect of your health before […]

Reduce Your Stress to Improve Oral Health (And So Much More)

Feeling a weight on your shoulders? That stress is also damaging your smile Stress is intangible on its own, but it has physical manifestations. We all process our anxiety differently, and see it showing up in our lives in unique ways. Some lose sleep, some become irritable, some overeat… and some grind their teeth. Do […]