Loose Permanent Tooth? Here’s How to Avoid Tooth Loss

Every adult remembers the thrill and excitement of wiggling a loose tooth with your tongue or finger as a small child. However, excitement is the last thing you will feel as an adult if you notice that one (or several) of your permanent teeth feel loose. Some causes of loose teeth in adults are harmless, […]

The Best Brushing Technique To Keep Teeth Cavity-Free

We’re taught the importance of brushing our teeth at a young age. Chances are, you were shown how to brush your teeth by applying gentle, circular motions to keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. But now that you’re an adult, perhaps you’re wondering if those childhood techniques are still relevant in keeping your teeth […]

10 Consultation Questions To Ask When Comparing Invisalign Providers

Deciding to straighten your teeth with Invisalign is a big decision, and there is a lot of information about your path to a straighter smile that you will need to know along the way. Ensure you get the most out of your consultation with the Invisalign provider by asking the right questions at your appointment. […]

Are Women More Susceptible To Gum Disease?

Many published studies have suggested that there could be a direct link between women who suffer from common oral health issues, such as a history of periodontal disease, and those same women having a 12% higher risk of premature death from other health conditions. The research and analysis show that having a history of gum […]

Quickly Transform Your Smile With No-Prep Lumineers

When you think of traditional dental veneers, your mind may immediately go to thoughts of drilling away enamel and your natural teeth to set the veneers into place. If this is how you view the process of dental veneers, think again! Lumineers are the newest and most innovative way of restoring the look and feel […]

Pain and Discomfort During Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is the ultimate in orthodontic treatment, especially compared to traditional orthodontic treatments with metal brackets and wires. While the pain you feel from any orthodontic treatment is never intense, a certain amount of discomfort comes along with any orthodontic treatment method for straightening the teeth. Here’s everything you need to know about Invisalign, […]

Factors That Determine the Cost of Invisalign

You may have been considering braces for years, and with today’s convenient Invisalign option, you’re ready to take that first step towards the smile you’ve always coveted. Many assume that Invisalign treatments are more costly than traditional braces, but the costs are very similar in many cases. The exact cost to straighten a smile will […]

What Is Tooth Enamel (And Why Your Smile Needs It!)

Tooth enamel is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in your entire body. Harder than your bones, enamel covers the outer layer of each tooth and protects your teeth from decay. This strong barrier protects the inner layers of your teeth from harmful acids and plaques, making it an essential piece to maintaining a […]

What Should Healthy Gums Look Like?

Most people spend more time looking into the mirror while brushing their teeth than they even realize. Noticing things like the appearance of your teeth is essential, but so is taking a closer examination of your gums. If you see anything that looks out of the ordinary, like swelling, bleeding or gum recession, these indications […]

Social Media Trends That Can Damage Your Teeth

TikTok and other social media platforms are full of the latest tricks and trends. While we love some of the incredible recipes (Hello feta pasta!), others are incredibly dangerous. The latest viral trends focus on so-called beauty hacks that have dentists concerned. From DIY “straightening” to filing teeth down with a nail file, these trends […]