Modern dentist showing patient new dental technology.

As technology continues to evolve, so do the possibilities for medical and dental care. From necessary treatment procedures to cosmetic options, today’s advancements are improving dental visits and treatments for patients of all ages. And when it comes to your health, having access to the latest options for you and your family is extremely important.

In a post from earlier this year, we discussed some of the exciting new treatments available at a modern dental practice. But one article was just not enough to talk about all of the exciting things happening when it comes to caring for your smile! Keep reading to find out even more ways that the future of dentistry is here today.

Avadent Dentures

Thanks to Avadent dentures, the days when dentures meant uncomfortable, unnatural-looking teeth are gone. What makes Avadent dentures so special? For starters, this option is created using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology. This means Avadent dentures are crafted with extreme precision, resulting in a perfect fit and a surprisingly natural appearance.

Moreover, Avadent dentures are made from unique materials that resist stains, odors, and bacteria. This not only ensures a clean, healthy smile but also promotes the longevity of your dentures.

Digital Impressions

Traditional dental impressions are messy, uncomfortable, and sometimes inaccurate. Now, digital impressions are transforming dental treatment planning and making the process more precise and efficient.

Digital impressions use advanced 3D scanning technology to create an accurate, detailed map of your teeth. The process is quick, easy, and painless. The digital model also allows us to design and plan your treatment with greater precision.

Benefits of digital impressions include:

  • No more messy impression materials
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Quicker impression time
  • Faster and more efficient treatment planning
  • Less waste
  • Enhanced accuracy, reducing the need for multiple appointments


Take Home Professional Whitening Kits

Let’s be honest, over-the-counter whitening products just don’t get you the results you want. Of course, we also understand that not everyone can take time out of their busy schedule to make a professional whitening appointment.

Take-home whitening kits offer the best of both worlds. These advanced treatment options contain high-quality, professional-grade bleaching agents. They also include custom-made trays to ensure a more perfect fit, which increases the effectiveness of the whitening process. In addition, at-home application means convenience and privacy while still getting the benefits of safe, professionally overseen treatment.

Laser Tongue-Tie Treatment

Tongue-tie, otherwise known as ankyloglossia, is a condition that affects many infants and children, causing difficulties with breastfeeding, speech development, and even oral hygiene. Traditional tongue-tie treatments involved cutting the frenulum (the tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth) with surgical scissors or a scalpel.

However, the introduction of laser tongue-tie treatment has revolutionized this process, making it quicker, more precise, and less traumatic for both babies and their parents. Laser tongue-tie treatment uses concentrated light energy to quickly and safely release the affected tissue. The benefits of this cutting-edge procedure include:

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less discomfort
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Faster healing time
  • Precise and controlled treatment

Laser tongue-tie treatment is a great option for patients of any age.

Choose a Modern Dental Practice

As a modern dental practice, we believe that staying ahead of the curve with state-of-the-art treatment options means a more positive patient experience as well as better outcomes.

Are you wondering if any of these advancements could benefit you or a loved one? Schedule an appointment today and discover how these cutting-edge treatments can enhance your smile, health, and overall well-being.