Cutting-Edge Dental Treatments You May Not Know About

Many patients think they know everything they need to about going to the dentist. But it’s a common misconception that dental treatments have stayed the same for decades. You may be surprised to learn about some modern advancements in dental treatments. Just like other areas of medicine, dentistry is continuously advancing, and new technologies are […]

Why Laser Dentistry May be the Answer to Your Dental Anxiety

If dental visits make you uncomfortable, you are not alone. Experts estimate that more than one-third of the population suffers from dental anxiety. While many pain relief and sedation options are available, many patients still feel fearful at the dentist. One consideration is to remove many of the triggers of dental anxiety by completely changing […]

The Benefits of Early Dental Visits

It may seem silly to take your child to the dentist when they don’t even have teeth yet or when you know their baby teeth will eventually fall out. However, early dental visits are important for setting your child up for good oral health in the future. In fact, the American Dental Association, Center for […]

6 Denture Myths Debunked

People make a lot of assumptions about dentures, and some of these are based on outdated information. The truth is dentures have come a long way. Modern materials and techniques mean better tooth-replacement options. If you are on the fence about getting dentures or if you are living with denture problems and think they are […]

Invisalign vs. Mail-Order Aligners – Which is Better?

Clear aligners are a godsend for a lot of patients wishing to straighten their smile. Aligners offer several benefits over traditional braces, including looking almost invisible, being incredibly comfortable, and requiring fewer office visits, just to name a few! But are all clear aligners created equal? We know you have heard of Invisalign, as they […]

Back-to-School Healthy Lunch Ideas

Our kids are finally back to school! And with the new school year comes new routines, hectic schedules, and, of course, making school lunches every day. It’s easy to be tempted by convenient – and ultimately unhealthy – options. But with a little bit of knowledge and planning, you can make sure to send your […]

How Do I Know My Veneers Will Look Natural?

Veneers can deliver a complete smile makeover. Aside from simply improving the shape of teeth, they can be used to correct gaps, stains, chips, cracks, and more. And when you choose to enhance your smile with veneers, they should look natural. No one wants to make a significant investment in their appearance, only for it […]

How to Stop Biting the Inside of Your Cheeks

For most of us, biting the inside of our cheeks by accident happens once in a while, and that is normal. But for others, cheek biting is a more common occurrence, and if that’s the case for you, it can be bad for your oral health. There are many reasons why you might be biting […]

What’s Your Tongue Telling You About Your Health?

We don’t often think much about it, but our tongues are actually an amazing piece of our anatomy. You use your tongue to help you chew, swallow, speak, taste, and more. In addition, your tongue can tell you a lot. Your tongue should look pink, and you should be able to see the small bumps […]

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Last?

Do same-day crowns seem too good to be true? CEREC crowns are made in-office during your tooth-prep appointment. This shaves the entire crown process down significantly, resulting in treatment that’s both speedy and convenient. You may be wondering what the difference is between CEREC and traditional crowns and how long this time-saving option actually will […]