Tricks for Cleaning Your Invisalign Aligners

Just like brushing your teeth, cleaning your Invisalign aligners daily is a must. Keeping your teeth and your aligners clean helps prevent cavities and contributes to your overall health. Even though your aligners are disposable, you will use them most of the day, every day for two weeks, and they may become stained or house […]

Why Invisalign Is Ideal for Straightening Teeth During COVID

If you’ve been looking forward to straightening your teeth, COVID doesn’t have to stand in the way. But with all the appointments involved with braces, how can you find a way to begin orthodontic treatment during this difficult time? The answer could be Invisalign – a way to straighten at home, and on your schedule, […]

4 Common Brushing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Knowing how to brush your teeth properly is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and gums. That means also knowing what mistakes you might be making. Many people make these common mistakes that cause gum recession, tooth sensitivity, and discoloration. Here are four common brushing mistakes you might be making and how to correct them. […]

Managing Novocaine Numbness From Dental Work

Novocaine numbness can make anyone dread having dental treatments done, and it may even lead to putting off necessary treatments to repair the damage. Novocaine is a local anesthetic drug that many dentists use for minor procedures, and it works by blocking the nerves in your body from sending pain signals to your brain. Learn […]

Will Your 2022 Dental Benefits Cover The Cost of Implants?

Did your dentist recently recommend a dental implant to replace a missing tooth? If so, the first two questions that came to mind were likely “How much do dental implants cost?” and “Are dental implants covered by my dental insurance?” Read on to learn about the type of dental implant coverage you can expect for […]

6 Reasons Why Patients With Straight Teeth Have Better Dental Checkups

One of the best reasons to pursue orthodontic treatment is to achieve straight teeth, but a more attractive smile isn’t the only reason. Correcting crooked teeth also improves your oral health because having overcrowded or crooked teeth can make taking great care of your teeth a challenge. Investing in Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments is […]

How To Save Money on the Cost of Invisalign

When comparing Invisalign to traditional braces, it’s easy to see why Invisalign is so appealing. Invisalign allows patients of all ages to discreetly achieve a straighter, healthier smile without enduring adult braces. While you may be sure of the benefits, knowing if you can afford Invisalign is the more important question to ask yourself. Many […]

Your Favorite Holiday Snacks That Are Damaging Your Teeth 

The holiday season is in full swing, and we all know what it feels like to be surrounded by tasty treats at every turn. There are so many sweet things to love about the holiday season, from candy canes to Christmas cookies and cakes. Unfortunately, many of your holiday favorites present a real risk for […]

Preparing For Your First Dental Appointment After COVID

With the issuance of Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States, many Americans are attempting to return to their ordinary, everyday lives. The Covid-19 pandemic changed many things about the world, and visiting the dentist has likely changed, too. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your teeth professionally cleaned and examined, your appointment could […]