tooth healthy snacks

Packing your kids’ lunches is a great way to promote healthy foods and avoid processed products loaded with extra sugar

Trying to eat right, but struggling to stick to restrict yourself to the list of appropriate foods that you’ve made for yourself? Chances are, there’s room for you to open up that list – and find foods just as healthy that are way more appealing. The problem (well, one of the problems) with super-exclusive/fad diets is that they don’t allow for much variety, and that ends up causing the dieter to get bored and frustrated.

Your daily eating should be varied, interesting, and healthy, and it’s not hard to find foods that benefit your teeth, your body, and your happiness. Start with our list below to learn more about dentist-recommended snacks, drinks, and entrees.

Smile-Friendly Beverages

The drinks you consume each day have a significant effect on your teeth. This is because the liquids wash over your enamel, causing erosion. Your mouth has a pH, and if it becomes too basic or acidic, it’s an unsafe environment for your enamel. This is why sodas are so bad for your oral health. Plus, you tend to imbibe your drink of choice throughout the day, so your teeth are constantly exposed.

Instead of choosing something like pop, sip on tea (hot or iced), carbonated water, or just plain water (with lemon or other fruit added if you’d like more flavor). If you’re used to drinking something sugary all day, there will be a brief adjustment period, but soon you’ll be feeling better and seeing a healthier smile.

Wise Snacks

Snacks are similarly dangerous because you eat them at isolated moments, when your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva to wash away acids and food particles. Try to avoid starchy or sugary snacks like chips, pastries, candy, cookies, and dried fruit. Instead, snack on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts/seeds, cheese, and unsweetened yogurt. Once you get in the habit, it’s not hard to have healthy alternatives on hand.

Smart Proteins

Your teeth need a variety of nutrients to stay strong. Dairy helps remineralize enamel and balance your oral pH (thanks to calcium and phosphorous), and lean proteins give you strength. Fresh produce acts as a natural toothbrush, so a salad is beneficial to both your body and your mouth. Keep things well-rounded and focus on fresh foods, and you’ll see great results.

See, a healthy diet isn’t so bad! If you ever have questions about which foods to embrace and which to avoid to see a cavity-free smile, just get in touch.