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Drinking water is always a good idea – and it will help keep your teeth bright, too!

The internet will tell you anything – and natural routes to self improvement are especially popular. These methods are inexpensive, easy, and usually harmless; but are they actually effective? We’ll help you separate teeth whitening facts from fiction. Read on for a discussion of which home habits and products will actually brighten your smile, and which ones are just rumors.

Is “Natural” Teeth Whitening Possible?

Not really, unless you’re talking about really dirty teeth.

In order to understand exactly why these natural recommendations don’t really work, you need to understand how teeth become stained in the first place. There are a few common causes of yellowing smiles. The first is a buildup of plaque. The sticky layer of bacteria has a yellow tinge, and it can darken your smile. This type of stain can be removed without thorough cleaning, which you can accomplish at home.

Most patients are interested in something more intense. In this case, stains that are lodged in enamel’s pores need to be broken up – and only whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide can get that job done.

Something else to remember when considering natural options: you always want to be careful when exposing your enamel to abrasive elements. It can be eroded by overly rough substances. This is why a natural whitening practice like brushing with baking soda mixed with strawberries is actually harmful. The acidic nature of the strawberries softens your enamel, making it vulnerable to erosion. While your teeth might seem whiter after having plaque scrubbed away, they may have also lost some of their structure (which is never worth it). After all, you only have so much tooth to go around!

So What Actually Works?

  • Great oral hygiene – Scrub away bacteria before it forms that yellow layer of plaque
  • Home whitening touch-ups – Whitening kits break up stains deep within enamel to actually whiten your smile
  • Avoiding stain-prone drinks and drinking plenty of water – Dark beverages like coffee, red wine, cola, and grape juice stain your teeth, and water helps lift them away before they set in

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