Worried about staying on top of your Invisalign treatment process? While it’s true that you’ll have some extra responsibilities while undergoing Invisalign, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to keep up with your straightening. By embracing a few daily precautions, you’ll ensure that you straighten as quickly as possible, with the end result of a beautiful, healthy, and happy smile.

Daily Invisalign Tips for Smooth Treatment

Right click this checklist to save it to your computer, and print it out to have a handy Invisalign reminder on deck!

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The Most Important Things You Can Do During Orthodontic Treatment

We’ll break it down even further. Embrace these concepts to see your teeth looking, feeling, and functioning just as you wanted them to after Invisalign:

  • ABC: Always Be Cleaning! – Of course, you don’t literally need to be always brushing and flossing your teeth. But your oral hygiene will need to step it up a notch while you’re in your aligners. This is because food particles and bacteria can become trapped between your teeth and trays, leading to decay. Carry a travel toothbrush & floss, and rinse with water if you’re unable to brush.
  • Your aligners belong in your mouth – The less time your aligners spend outside your mouth, the better. Not only do you then have a lower risk of losing them, but they’ll be straightening full-time, keeping your progress on schedule.
  • Don’t skip appointments – If you miss one of your Invisalign appointments, it could take a little time to reschedule – leading to too much time being spent in the same aligners, and a slowed treatment plan. If you think that a future appointment might be tough to make, contact us right away to reschedule.

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