parent shopping for foods included in a tooth healthy dietAs a parent, your daily responsibilities are extensive – doing everything you can to simplify will make it easier to both get the job done and feel less stressed along the way. Your family’s oral health is built through daily choices and habits. Make sure they add up to something positive – it all starts with the foods and drinks available in your fridge and pantry.

Teach your kids to prioritize healthy foods while young, and they’ll learn to prefer them once you’re older and making their own dietary choices. We know that it can be tough to fight against daily requests for candy, chips, and other momentarily satisfying treats, but the end result is worth it. Find some tips below, and get in touch for more information about the best choices for your teeth.

 What to Remember When Choosing Your Family’s Food

We know how tricky it is to know what’s “healthy” – contradictory information is floating across the internet, and Americans aren’t aware of what’s best for their bodies (or their teeth). Use some of the following rules to guide your shopping:

  • Avoid sports drinks and energy bars – These may give you a quick boost, but they’re laden with sugar and bathe your teeth in acids. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to put something together ahead of time so that you’re not forced to resort to packaged energy-enhancers.
  • Fresh is best – Fresh fruit and vegetables provides you and your kids with the nutrients you need, and they can also act as natural toothbrMake your weekly grocery trips as valuable as possible! Tooth-friendly choices will help out all your loved ones (and yourself, too)
  • ushes that scrub away plaque. Try vegetables and hummus or salsa in lunches. And you can’t go wrong with an apple – it’s portable, easy to eat, and sweet without all the added sugar that comes in processed treats.
  • Offer seeds and nuts for savory snacks – These can be easily carried and give you a healthy spurt of energy, as well as tooth- and body-friendly nutrients.
  • Try to encourage drinking water or milk – If your kids are accustomed to juice or sodas, switching over to water, sparkling water, or milk will do their teeth a big favor. Make the swap as a family to ensure it’s effective and your kids don’t feel they’re being treated unfairly.
  • Choose the unsweetened option whenever possible – Even flavored yogurt has a ton of added sugar, reducing the healthy benefits.
  • Go for whole grains – Starchy foods are bad for teeth, but whole grains help provide valuable nutrients.
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