Macomb porcelain veneersYour cosmetic dentistry should become a part of your natural smile. With the right transformation, your dental flaws are obscured while your strengths are enhanced. Your teeth look like they belong in your overall appearance, and help magnify your physical strengths. To accomplish all that, a cosmetic dentist needs the right tools. One of the most effective is Lumineers.

These porcelain veneers are the thinnest available, allowing them to near-perfectly match natural teeth. When your Lumineers are in place, they’ll accomplish whatever you’re hoping for your smile, and they’ll do it all quietly. No noticeable thickness, no piano key teeth, and no blocky restorations – your new grin will be totally personal and totally natural-looking. If you haven’t heard of Lumineers before, read on for some of their top advantages; and if you’ve been thinking about a change for your own teeth, get in touch for a consultation.

Why Patients (and Dentists) Love Lumineers

  • Thinness – The cerinate porcelain from which Lumineers are fabricated is both sturdy and thin in structure. This allows for veneers no thicker than a contact lens, which fit over your teeth with minimal tooth prep (which we’ll talk about in the next point). But the apperance of these thin veneers is just as desirable. Some light passes through their surfaces, while some is reflected, which mimics natural teeth and makes them blend right in. Your Lumineers will not be recognizable as dental work; they will simply perfect your smile.
  • Comfortable procedure – Because only minimal prep is required for veneers to fit over teeth, patients require little to no anesthesia. This reduces the number of shots and speeds up the procedure. Anxious patients are especially happy to see how comfortable the Lumineers process can be.
  • Subtle appearance – In addition to reflecting light properly, Lumineers will be carefully shade-matched to your surrounding teeth, and will become a part of your smile.
  • Streamlined treatment – Because there’s minimal tooth prep necessary, patients can avoid temporaries between appointments. Your first session will be quick and comfortable, and after your second your new grin will be in place.

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