Macomb dentist on oral health and systemic health linkYour teeth and gums seem pretty contained, right? But your mouth is more connected to the rest of your body than you might think. If you’re not feeling like yourself, but haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause of the problem, your dentist might be able to help out. Many systemic health conditions are visible in the mouth early on in their development – so your next dental exam will not only point out cavities or gingivitis, it could help you take first steps toward treating a larger health problem.

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 Health Problems with Oral Symptoms

We’re not talking about cavities and gum disease – we’re referring to seemingly unrelated issues that still have manifestations in the mouth. If something ever seems like it’s changing, let us know. It could be related to one of the following:

  • Osteoporosis – The bone tissue in your jaw supports healthy, strong teeth and comfortable biting and chewing. The loss of osseous tissue can cause the jaw bone to become brittle, with gums receding and teeth feeling loose.
  • Heartburn – Most sufferers are aware of heartburn, but nighttime acid reflux is more dangerous because it occurs while you’re sleeping and unaware. It can persist for long periods of time, causing damage to your esophagus. This also leads to erosion on the lingual side of your upper molars, which your dentist will notice.
  • Dementia – Loss of cognitive function typically occurs slowly. Family and friends might not notice because of the gradual development. But poor oral hygiene is a common tell, as it leads to plaque buildup. At the same time, gum disease may also worsen dementia, so you should always be vigilant.
  • Heart disease – Emerging research continues to suggest that there may be a link between heart disease and gum disease. Irritated, inflamed gums are the first sign of periodontal problems – check in with us if you’re noticing changes to your gum line.
  • Diabetes – Some signs of diabetes have oral manifestations, and oral health is closely linked to blood sugar control. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, receding gums, plaque buildup, and other symptoms are a cause for investigation. If you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, these signs show that your blood sugar may not be under control.
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