Macomb dental emergenciesPresents are wrapped, dinner’s in the oven, and everything’s on track for Christmas day – until someone breaks a tooth. The last thing you want to deal with is an emergency trip to the dentist’s or the ER, but countless dental disasters spring up each holiday season. The good news? Most are completely avoidable. Keep reading for the simplest ways to prevent dental emergencies this season, and what to do if a family member should suffer a sudden problem.

Simple Emergency Prevention

  • Never use your teeth for anything other than eating – Your enamel is strong, but it can only handle so much. Teeth aren’t meant to be able to withstand unnatural forces. If you typically grind your teeth while sleeping, they’re already worn and weakened, and trying to open a bottle or a package by biting into it might be the last straw. Instead, take the extra moment to grab the bottle opener, scissors, or other appropriate tool. We promise – it’s worth it!
  • Schedule regular dental exams – You should visit the office every six months. This gives us a chance to remove plaque and check for cavities, sure, but it’s also an opportunity to check in on the life of your dental work. Fillings, veneers, and crowns don’t last forever, and it’s always simpler to catch a weakening restoration and replace it before it fails you and leaves a hole in your smile.
  • Treat your teeth with care – With all the celebratory drinks during the holidays, it’s easy to forget about your pearly whites. Be sure to never skip your dental hygiene, no matter how late the party went, and be careful not to hit your front teeth with a bottle or a glass when sipping.

Dental Emergencies? Call Your Dentist ASAP

Waiting is never a good idea. Depending on the issue, hesitating could also mean that your eventual treatment is more complicated and invasive, with a lower chance of success. Make sure to call us right away if you have sudden pain, a broken tooth or filling, jaw pain, or oral abrasions that may require medical treatment. As always, if you are having a severe emergency, seek emergency medical care by visiting the ER.

Let’s all help each other stay safe and healthy this holiday season!

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