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The holidays are an opportunity to indulge – just make sure you’re not overdoing things. If you want your entire family to be cavity-free come the new year, there are steps to take that keep your oral health at the forefront of your priorities, even while you’re celebrating. Christmas candy and holiday parties don’t have to lead to decay or dental emergencies. Just follow our simple tips below and you’ll keep your smile intact through this special season.

Celebrating Safely for Your Oral Health

  • Purchase chocolate instead of sticky candy – There’s a pretty big difference between the ways various treats affect your teeth. Chocolate is undoubtedly better than other candies, for a few reasons. For one, it melts away quickly and easily, and spends as little time as possible in your mouth. It may also have antibacterial properties, making chocolate a cavity fighter. Finally, chocolate candy is softer than many other options, so it won’t chip your enamel or dental work.
  • Treat your teeth with care – When you’re drinking, eating differently, and on an unfamiliar schedule the way you are during the holiday season, it’s easy for your oral health to fall by the wayside. Be careful not to hit your teeth against glasses or bottles, and never use your teeth as tools (this is one of the most common causes of dental emergencies).
  • Don’t skip exams or oral hygiene – Stay on top of your regular care. Even if you’re on a slightly different routine during the Christmas break, be sure that your teeth get the attention they need. If you have an exam coming up, don’t’ skip it – it might take a little while to get one rescheduled, and there’s no better time than the sugar-laden holidays to get a cleaning!
  • Encourage your children to eat their sweets as dessert – If you’re worried about how your kids are chowing down on candy, request that they eat their candy after lunch or dinner. Because we produce more saliva while eating a meal, it’s better for the teeth if we have desserts straight after eating.
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