Macomb same day crownsFeel like your dental treatment is taking up too much time? We understand – you have so many responsibilities and daily tasks to complete, and it’s hard to justify spending time on yourself (although it’s absolutely necessary!). Same day crowns simplify everything. If you’re hoping to rebuild a damaged, worn, or broken tooth, that doesn’t have to mean multiple appointments and a long waiting period.

With CEREC crowns, we prep your tooth, take impressions, fabricate the crown, and place the final restoration – all within the space of one appointment. All you need to do is relax and wait for the process to be completed. Trying to form a more positive opinion of the dentist’s office? Trying same day crowns could be a great step.

Learning to Love Your Dental Crown

Restoring a tooth is always a little stressful. But trimming down the process makes a significant difference. Instead of the traditional crown process, you get to enjoy:

  • Fewer appointments – Instead of visiting the office two (or more) times to complete your crown, you’ll only need to schedule a single appointment. During the first portion, we’ll prep your tooth for the crown and then take impressions. Then, you’re free to run errands, relax in our office, or do whatever else you like while we fabricate the crown on the premises. Once it’s ready, we’ll cement it in place and your tooth will be complete!
  • Avoid temporaries – A temporary crown adds extra hassle that’s just not necessary with CEREC. When you have a temporary, you have to be preoccupied with keeping it safe and whole, and then it has to be removed anyway! Same day crowns eliminate this entirely.
  • Simple adjustments – Because Dr. Hoffman completes the entire crown process, from the impressions to the fabrication (aided by a computerized milling machine) to the fit, it’s simple to make any necessary adjustments so that your crown is perfect.

If you ever have questions about CEREC, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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