pregnancy and oral healthA recent Cigna study found that pregnant women aren’t getting the dental care they need. More than 33% of expectant mothers haven’t had a dental exam in over a year. While there’s so much to remember during your pregnancy, your oral health should always be a top priority. Learn more about why dental health is so crucial for moms-to-be, and make sure that yourself or the pregnant women in your life are receiving proper care.

The Emphasis on Oral Health During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you experience nonstop hormonal fluctuations, along with countless smaller physical changes. This makes the gums more sensitive, and increases the risk of gingivitis. Tooth decay and gum disease are not only dangerous for the mother, but can impact the baby’s health down the line. Some studies show that pregnant moms with gum disease may actually deliver prematurely, or deliver a baby with a low birth weight. The scariest thing about gum disease? It’s not always painful or especially noticeable to the untrained eye.

This is exactly why dental exams during pregnancy are so vital. Take the chance to monitor your teeth and gums, be sure that everything is on track, and gain peace of mind from knowing that you’re gum disease-free. We know that there are a million things to keep in mind during this special time of your life, and we want to help bring your dental health to the foreground. If you recently became pregnant, schedule an exam today so that you have the help and motivation you need to tend to your teeth and gums.

The survey we mentioned found that of the women who don’t receive dental exams during pregnancy, a staggering 76% suffer from oral health issues like toothaches and bleeding gums. These symptoms are your smile’s way of asking for help, and it’s imperative that you respond. Whether you think something may be wrong, or are just embarking on your pregnancy, a dental exam is a great plan.

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