Macomb family dentistSummer’s here! The birds are chirping, the grass is growing, and the end of the school year is drawing near. But while summertime is what kids wait for all year, there are plenty of extra precautions to take as they head outdoors.

A recent report that playground-related injuries are on the rise has us thinking about how we can protect our children’s teeth (without driving them crazy). While all-day mouth guards may provide protection, they would also lead to some furious kids. But we don’t have to smother our young ones to keep their pearly whites whole and healthy. Take a look at some of our tips below, and get in touch if you’re ever uncertain of how to protect your family’s smiles.

 Healthy Tooth Protection for Active Kids

  • Supervision – Keeping an eye on your children while they’re on the playground or the backyard swing set will help you make sure they’re not taking unsafe risks. A jungle gym can be a very tempting place, and lead to kids showing off for friends while putting themselves in precarious positions. If your kids are playing nearby, take a moment to look up every now and then and make sure they’re not getting too brave.
  • The right snacks – Candy and extremely chewy treats can lead to damaged teeth, especially if your kids bite down on them right away. With all the special events and holidays that accompany each summer, there’s plenty of sugar around, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Try to choose chocolates over other sweets (it melts away quickly and is better for teeth overall), and take the opportunity to get your kids excited about fresh fruit and vegetables. Once they’ve gotten used to the taste and texture, they may prefer healthier snacks from then on, which is always a good thing.
  • Personal care – Talk to your kids about the consequences of harming their teeth, and emphasize that being a little more careful today means avoiding the dentist’s office tomorrow. They’ll be more interested in caring for themselves when they feel they have personal responsibility.
  • Sports guards – That’s right – sometimes a mouth guard really is necessary. If your kids are playing high-contact sports like football or soccer, get a guard to protect their teeth and jaws. Custom mouth guards may also help prevent concussions on the athletic field.
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