Macomb dental implantsFor many of us, tooth replacement isn’t something we have to think about. But as time passes, we all have to face certain aspects of aging, and that might include tooth loss. If you’ve ever heard about dental implants, you might be interested in all the advantages that they offer, but concerned about the more involved process. That’s where we can help. Scroll down for a dental implants primer, and get in touch for answers to any questions.

 Introduction to Tooth Implants

How do you replace a missing tooth? With modern restorative dentistry, we have a number of options. Restorations attach to remaining structures above the gum line – bridges, partial dentures, and dentures all require some surface-level support.

Dental implants work a little differently. They reach below the gum line, and are embedded in the jaw bone. Implants are made of titanium, a material that is biocompatible. Over time, titanium connects to your natural bone tissue, forming a secure, stable bond. Restorations can then be attached to the implants, and operate with the kind of function you expect from a natural tooth.

 Primary Advantages of Dental Implants

Why get dental implants when you could replace teeth without them? Because they change everything. Pairing a restoration with an implant allows you to experience:

  • Better function – Drawing support from the jaw bone transforms the way your restoration looks, feels, and functions. Once the implant has healed successfully, it will support your restoration for decades (and even for the rest of your life). You’ll be able to overlook that you ever lost a tooth in the first place.
  • Preserved bone structure – When you lose a tooth, your jaw bone resorbs, losing osseous tissue into the bloodstream. This is because it loses the stimulation it received from the tooth root. When you place an implant, you regain that structure and you preserve your jaw bone (and facial structure).
  • More natural appearance – Implants anchor restorations to the gum line and prevent slipping, helping them look just like the real thing.
  • No denture problems – Existing denture patients can place dental implants to pair with their dentures, eliminating common denture problems.

 Who’s an Implant Candidate?

In order to see implant success, you’ll need to have adequate bone tissue for the implants to be placed. But if it’s been some time since you lost a tooth, you may need a bone graft to get there. Your oral health also needs to be strong, so you may benefit from periodontal treatment or fillings for cavities.

Don’t worry – no matter where you’re at, we’ll help you prepare and get you ready for implants. Just let us know if you’d like to learn more!

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