Macomb dentures“The problem with dentures” is really more of a personal opinion – those who have tried dentures have their own, specific feelings on the topic. But no matter what each patient’s problem is, the fact remains that there is undoubtedly a problem. Whether one’s dentures are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, loose, unnatural-looking, or simply wrong, that’s less than our patients deserve. It’s for these reasons that Hoffman Dental Care has sought a solution to the denture conundrum. We must replace our teeth, but how can we do so securely? The answer lies in a combination of stellar treatments: dental implants paired with AvaDent dentures.

Dental Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures address the problem of tooth replacement above the gum line. But they need to create their own support, drawing on neighboring tissues to stay firmly seated against your gums. This leads to problems with fit and comfort.

The answer is to create new structures that attach directly to the jaw bone, to provide unparalleled support. Sound impossible? Then you’re not yet acquainted with dental implants. These titanium screws replace tooth roots, sitting in the jaw and forming connections with the jaw bone. Once they have integrated successfully with the bone, they’ll hold any restoration Dr. Hoffman pairs with them – ranging from crowns to bridges to dentures.

Why AvaDent Dentures?

While dentures paired with dental implants are more secure than those without implants, it’s still important to ensure that your dentures have a stellar fit. This is where AvaDent comes in. Revolutionary 3D imaging technology allows us to fabricate dentures that fit your mouth perfectly, allowing them to feel and function just like the real thing.

If you’ve experienced frustration with ill-fitting or loose dentures in the past, then AvaDent is the next step. Contact our office to schedule a consultation, and learn more about both implants and modern denture technology. You may be surprised by your options!