Macomb Botox for TMJ

Soothing a painful jaw joint can be tricky. You’ll need to identify the underlying cause and address it specifically for treatment to work. This can be difficult to discern, as the jaw joints are delicate and complex. Sometimes, the muscles behind an overworked jaw refuse to cooperate no matter the treatment you attempt. It’s then that Botox treatment is especially welcome. Read on for a discussion of Botox as a solution for pain, and how to know whether it’s right for you.

How Botox Treats Pain

You’re likely familiar with Botox as an aesthetic aid. Botox’s ability to relax facial muscles is actually the reason it can be so helpful in relieving pain. An injection of Botox to the jaw joint will prevent the muscles there from seizing as strongly. This allows the jaw to relax, and the tissues to heal.

When is Botox the right TMJ treatment?

TMJ treatments are varied depending on the patient’s needs. One of the most common types of TMJ treatment is an occlusal guard, or TMJ splint. This mouth guard is worn nightly to prevent the teeth from being harmed by excessive jaw movement. Problem is, the guard can’t prevent your jaw muscles from seizing – which is often the cause of the underlying TMJ disorder.

Botox tackles muscle movement directly to keep it from causing you pain. An overactive jaw needs time to relax – and Botox provides it with the ability to unwind. Don’t worry, Botox treatment won’t leave your jaw slack or inactive. It will simply calm it down and return its function to a normal level. If you’ve tried other treatments and found that your jaw continues to ache, Botox is a great option.

We won’t know whether Botox is your appropriate TMJ treatment unless we look at your jaw during a consultation. End the pain – schedule yours today!