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Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? If you are finding yourself stumped on what to gift a loved one, Invisalign may be the perfect gift you have been in search of. Many gifts you give for the holidays lose their luster after a few days, weeks or months. A straight, beautiful smile can last a lifetime, and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Gift a Surprise Invisalign Consultation

Most people who want to straighten their teeth are good candidates for Invisalign. It’s impossible for you to know whether or not your loved one’s smile will be eligible for the treatment. However, if they are in good oral health with mild to moderate misaligned teeth, the chances are that Invisalign will be an excellent option for their straightening needs. Invisalign can correct most common orthodontic issues, including gapped teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

Comparing Invisalign with Traditional Braces

Of course, you could always gift your loved one with traditional braces. This long-trusted orthodontic solution has a more traditional approach to straightening teeth with metal brackets and wires. When weighing your options, you may find yourself asking “what’s so great about Invisalign?”

Practically Invisible

Adults and image-conscious teens love the fact that they can wear their clear braces at work, school, or while attending social gatherings with full confidence. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. The treatment allows you to acquire a beautiful smile without putting your life on hold or feeling the embarrassment of wearing metal braces.

Completely Removable

Invisalign trays are removable, allowing patients to eat what they like throughout treatment. Just slip the aligners out before meals and snacks prior to munching away on your favorite foods. Never having to worry about damaging or breaking a wire or a bracket saves you potential time lost for emergency orthodontic appointments.

Simple Dental Hygiene

Removability also reduces the risk that you will slack off on your good dental hygiene practices while undergoing treatment. Traditional brackets and wires create barriers to good brushing and flossing. However, Invisalign allows you to remove your braces before cleaning to ensure the ability to care for your teeth throughout treatment. When done correctly, Invisalign is far less likely to cause cavities or other damage to your teeth.

Reduced Discomfort

When compared, there is far less pain during Invisalign treatment than traditional metal braces. Traditional braces have the risks of brackets popping free, scrapes or cuts on the gums or inside of the lips, and discomfort. Invisalign provides an overall less painful experience.

Quicker Treatment Time

Busy adults especially appreciate the fact that Invisalign treatment is completed faster than traditional braces – by as much as six months on average. It also requires fewer visits to the dentist throughout treatment, allowing you to think less about straightening your teeth, and more about other things.

Improved Oral Health

Straightening teeth isn’t just good for self-confidence. Teeth that line up in a straight alignment are easier to brush, floss, and care for in general. A well-aligned bite can result in better oral health because crooked and crowded teeth can make daily oral hygiene difficult. Over time, this may lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease and possibly tooth loss.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you gift someone Invisalign, you are gifting them more than just a straighter smile. Numerous studies have shown that having better-looking teeth increases the amount you smile. Various additional health benefits include lower stress and improved cognition. To determine if your loved one is a good Invisalign candidate, schedule a consultation with Hoffman Dental Care.