Any new dental treatment can feel a little stressful. But knowledge is the best weapon against uncertainty! If you’re trying teeth whitening for the first time, we’d love to put some of your fears to rest. Whether you’re concerned about having unrealistic expectations, damaging your enamel, or making sure your results last as long as possible, we have answers.

There’s always a way to whiten safely and responsibly. The first step toward fulfilling whitening is getting in touch with your dentist. Even if you’re going to be using a home whitening kit, having a dentist’s advice makes a big difference. Whitening may not be the right treatment for your stained enamel, and Dr. Hoffman will help you find a treatment that fits.

Whitening Tips for First Time Patients


Can I Whiten With Sensitive Teeth?

There are always options for brightening your smile. If your enamel has eroded due to grinding or been damaged by physical trauma, using fluoride toothpaste for several weeks prior to whitening will reduce sensitivity. Fluoride remineralizes your enamel to make it thicker and stronger. This ultimately reduces twinges and makes whitening a more comfortable process.

Hoffman Dental Care also offers Sapphire whitening, which protects teeth with a desensitizing gel. This system has helped many who have experienced sensitivity in the past. If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch!

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