Stop Periodontal Disease at its Source

Periodontal care is directed toward building and maintaining healthy gums. “Taking care of my gums? Dealing with my teeth is enough!” Don’t worry; periodontal care isn’t complicated. Most of the oral hygiene steps you already take are working to keep your gums healthy and strong. But the signs of ailing gums differ from the signs […]

Bid Farewell to Problems with Dentures

Have you worn dentures in the past, or are you currently wearing them? Chances are, you’ve had more than a few frustrating moments trying to get them to obey. Ill-fitting, loose, and uncomfortable dentures are far less than you deserve. Modern technology and precision fitting techniques have made it possible to find dentures that feel […]

Orthodontic Treatment that Meshes With Your Life

Most of us aren’t born with “perfect” smiles. Our teeth are prey to genetic predisposition, the effects of time, and signs of trauma. These factors combine to result in crooked teeth that aren’t aligned the way you’d like them to be. At the same time, we’re not all fortunate enough to receive orthodontic treatment when […]

Periodontal Treatment that Soothes

When your gums are infected, you feel sore and out-of-sorts. The last thing you want to do is subject your tender gums to poking and prodding, but treatment is the only way to improve the situation. Periodontal treatment doesn’t need to be stressful. Think of it not as an invasion, but as a healing process. […]

Choosing Botox Treatment for TMJ

Soothing a painful jaw joint can be tricky. You’ll need to identify the underlying cause and address it specifically for treatment to work. This can be difficult to discern, as the jaw joints are delicate and complex. Sometimes, the muscles behind an overworked jaw refuse to cooperate no matter the treatment you attempt. It’s then […]

The Problem with Dentures – And How to Solve It

“The problem with dentures” is really more of a personal opinion – those who have tried dentures have their own, specific feelings on the topic. But no matter what each patient’s problem is, the fact remains that there is undoubtedly a problem. Whether one’s dentures are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, loose, unnatural-looking, or simply wrong, that’s less […]

Have You Considered Botox Treatment?

As technology advances, we gain greater and greater control of every factor of our lives. This extends to even our bodies. No longer are facial wrinkles annoyances that we’re forced to just put up with. While seemingly different, chronic pain is a similarly frustrating problem. Both are related to frequent muscle movement that often occurs […]

Dentures That Feel Just Right

Dental restorations shouldn’t be anything other than natural. Their appearance, feel, and function should be comparable to that of your own teeth. After all, dental restorations should serve to make your smile more beautiful, not detract from it. Dentures have always posed something of a problem. It’s difficult for many patients to find tooth replacements […]

CEREC: Rebuild Teeth in One Day

Have you received a dental crown before? When thinking about the experience, you probably remember a temporary, multiple appointments, and waiting anxiously for your new crown to arrive. What if you could cut out the hassle? The CEREC system allows Dr. Hoffman to provide our patients with brand-new crowns the same day the impression is […]

Getting to Know Your Macomb General Dentist

Welcome to our new website! As we pride ourselves on having a dental practice with the most cutting-edge technology, we had to ensure our web presence reflected that. This website will act as a portal between our practice and our patients. If you’re curious about treatments available to you, specific brands offered at our practice, […]