Stress-Free, Same Day Crowns

Feel like your dental treatment is taking up too much time? We understand – you have so many responsibilities and daily tasks to complete, and it’s hard to justify spending time on yourself (although it’s absolutely necessary!). Same day crowns simplify everything. If you’re hoping to rebuild a damaged, worn, or broken tooth, that doesn’t […]

Holiday Fun Minus Dental Emergencies

Presents are wrapped, dinner’s in the oven, and everything’s on track for Christmas day – until someone breaks a tooth. The last thing you want to deal with is an emergency trip to the dentist’s or the ER, but countless dental disasters spring up each holiday season. The good news? Most are completely avoidable. Keep […]

A Cavity-Free Holiday Season

The holidays are an opportunity to indulge – just make sure you’re not overdoing things. If you want your entire family to be cavity-free come the new year, there are steps to take that keep your oral health at the forefront of your priorities, even while you’re celebrating. Christmas candy and holiday parties don’t have […]

Why are Pregnant Women Skipping the Dentist?

A recent Cigna study found that pregnant women aren’t getting the dental care they need. More than 33% of expectant mothers haven’t had a dental exam in over a year. While there’s so much to remember during your pregnancy, your oral health should always be a top priority. Learn more about why dental health is so […]

Best Dental Products for Kids

It can be an uphill battle trying to get your kids to brush, floss, and treat their teeth with respect – but having the right products on your side makes a big difference. With the staggering number of toothbrushes, toothpastes, flossers, and other hygiene aids on the market, there’s one that your children are sure to […]

What’s Hiding in Your Toothpaste?

Why do you use your current toothpaste? Is it the same one you’ve used for decades? Was it recommended by a family member, friend, or your dentist? Or was it just on sale at the grocery store? We’re not always super careful when choosing our oral hygiene products – but we benefit from taking a […]

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

The internet will tell you anything – and natural routes to self improvement are especially popular. These methods are inexpensive, easy, and usually harmless; but are they actually effective? We’ll help you separate teeth whitening facts from fiction. Read on for a discussion of which home habits and products will actually brighten your smile, and which […]

Tooth-Healthy Snacks Can Still Be Tasty

Trying to eat right, but struggling to stick to restrict yourself to the list of appropriate foods that you’ve made for yourself? Chances are, there’s room for you to open up that list – and find foods just as healthy that are way more appealing. The problem (well, one of the problems) with super-exclusive/fad diets […]

Do You Love the Dentist’s Office?

How do you feel when there’s a dental appointment on the calendar? If you don’t exactly get excited about an upcoming dental exam, you’re by no means in the minority. Countless adults struggle with dental anxiety, which prevents them from feeling good about their dental care. But while your anxiety might have been with you […]

Daily Invisalign Checklist

Worried about staying on top of your Invisalign treatment process? While it’s true that you’ll have some extra responsibilities while undergoing Invisalign, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to keep up with your straightening. By embracing a few daily precautions, you’ll ensure that you straighten as quickly as possible, with the end result of a beautiful, […]