Second Opinion Dental Work

It’s never a good thing to leave your dentist’s office feeling like the treatment they just recommended may not be entirely necessary. This frequently leaves patients wondering if they should be getting a second opinion about dental work. While it may not be essential to have multiple dentists examine every minor cavity or dental health issue, there are times where it pays off to have an exam performed by someone else.

Here are six signs that you should get a second opinion about dental work.

You Don’t Feel Confident With Your Current Dentist’s Recommendations

It is critical that you feel comfortable at your current dentist’s office, so you are more likely to keep scheduled appointments. If you find yourself feeling unwelcome as you step through the door, it’s time to re-evaluate and find a new dentist. Take the time to shop around for a dental office and a provider that leaves you feeling confident with their treatment recommendations.

Previous Recommendations Didn’t Fix The Problem

If your dentist has already performed a treatment to address a specific concern, and their previous recommendation did not fix the problem, it may be wise to find a different dentist. When searching for a new dentist, always look for a dental office that offers a variety of treatments and services. That way, as your mouth ages and your needs evolve, you can feel confident in knowing that your dentist can meet your current needs.

If Your Dentist Recommended Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may include anything from tooth extraction to a bone graft. If your dentist recommends oral surgery as the best treatment option for an issue, it may be a good idea to speak with an oral surgeon. These providers specialize in more extensive procedures and are a great source of knowledge.

You’re Unsure If Treatment Is Necessary

There can be situations where it seems as if your dentist is making an unnecessary treatment recommendation. Always discuss your preferences with your dentist on how you’d like for them to approach treatment recommendations. If you’d rather receive more conservative treatments, and your dentist recommends long-term solutions, your ideas of treatment will likely differ. If you’re still not comfortable with their recommended treatment plan, getting a second opinion from another dentist may be the right choice for you.

Your Current Dentist Doesn’t Take Your Insurance

Switching employers can cause changes to other aspects of your life, such as a change in dental insurance providers. If your current dentist does not accept your new dental insurance, it might be the right time to find a provider who does. Most individuals are more likely to have routine teeth cleanings and exams every six months if the costs are covered under insurance. Additionally, if you do require restorative dentistry treatments, it can be beneficial to have some of these costs covered by insurance rather than paying out-of-pocket for procedures.

You Want To Start Over With Someone New

There may be a point in your adult life where you’re ready to start fresh with a new dental office, and it is perfectly fine! If you do decide to get a second opinion on dental work, keep in mind the different perspectives of the care providers as you weigh your options. Your current dentist has the advantage of being familiar with your dental health history, while a second opinion dentist may have the benefit of a fresh outlook.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new dentist or a second opinion, Hoffman Dental Care is happy to help you in making an educated decision on dental work and what your options are to treat any issues. If you’re looking for a second opinion you can trust, contact us to schedule an appointment!