Laser Dentistry For Kids

Noisy dental drills can cause kids to become anxious and fearful of necessary restorative dental treatments to keep their smile healthy. Fortunately for today’s generation of children, there is laser dentistry, which helps to take the dismay out of dental visits. Laser dentistry is a fast and effective method that uses heat and light to perform a wide variety of dental treatments in a pain-free way!

What Makes Solea Laser Dentistry Painless?

Solea laser dentistry is vastly less invasive than traditional methods of restorative dentistry treatments. Eliminating the use of drills and scalpels in many procedures also reduces the need for anesthesia. From necessary cavity fillings to biopsies, many dentistry treatments are made painless with laser dentistry.

The Solea laser is the number one selling hard and soft laser in the dental industry. Most patients can skip the need for anesthesia, which means your child will be able to leave their dental appointment without the feeling of being numb or groggy. Solea is the first CO 2 laser that utilizes a unique wavelength guided by computer controls to vaporize tissue and tooth enamel from any angle with incredible speed and accuracy. With no pain-triggering vibrations, your child can now undergo several hard and soft tissue treatments in one comfortable dental visit.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is especially ideal for small children and infants who aren’t able to handle higher amounts of anesthesia safely. Other mentionable advantages include:

  • No required anesthesia for cavity preparation in the majority of patients due to the analgesic effect of the laser.
  • No waiting for the patient’s mouth to become numb before starting treatment, meaning shorter treatment times.
  • No concern over a child biting his or her lip, cheek, or tongue due to their mouth being numb after a procedure.
  • A more pleasant overall dental experience due to not being anesthetized.
  • Less potential bleeding than a traditional scalpel.
  • Less likelihood for suturing following treatments.

Laser Dentistry Treatments For Children

Tongue-Tie Treatment

Infants with a band of tissue connecting the tip of their tongue to the floor of their mouth frequently require treatment for correcting the tongue-tie issue. A pediatrician most commonly diagnoses this type of concern if you have been having problems breastfeeding. Tongue-tie can sometimes correct itself or improve with age; however, this isn’t always the case.

Left untreated, a tongue-tie can interfere with eating solid foods and speech development as a child ages. Laser dentistry is ideal for correcting a tongue-tie in an infant because the laser cauterizes the wounds as it cuts the connective tissue allowing for shorter recovery time.

Non-Invasive Cavity Treatment

For children who are already fearful of the dentist, an appointment for a painful tooth can be a challenge. Laser dentistry treatments don’t create the same scary drilling sound and can help to save more of the healthy tooth during a routine cavity filling than traditional dental drills.

Depending on the type and placement of the cavity, it may still be necessary to use a dental drill in combination with a dental laser. Your dentist will be able to help you determine the best cavity treatment plan for your child.

Biopsy and Removal of Gum Lesions

A lesion in a child’s mouth can be carefully removed for tissue testing with laser dentistry. While most mouth lesions are benign, it’s always the best practice to have gum lesions tested before removal. If the lesion is causing a child discomfort, dental lasers can be used to remove mouth lesions. Utilizing this treatment method allows for the amount of bleeding and swelling to be minimized by cauterizing the wound as it cuts. This treatment method is considerably less painful and encourages a faster recovery than traditional methods of gum lesion removal.

Avoiding Dental Anxiety With Solea

Painless and anxiety-free dentistry is possible with revolutionary Solea laser dentistry treatments at Hoffman Dental Care. Our knowledgeable and exceptional team is dedicated to making your child’s time in the dentist chair a comfortable and positive experience. Contact Hoffman Dental Care with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s dental health and laser dentistry treatments.