Beautiful smile thanks to dentures

Are you an older patient who has begun to notice some strange shifts in your smile? If so, It may be time to consider permanent dentures if you’re starting to see these seven signs. Dentures are an excellent option for anyone looking to restore their smile and replace several missing teeth.

Digital dentures can make an unbelievable difference, but are they the right option for you?

You Are Missing Several Teeth

If you’ve already lost a tooth or several teeth, the need for dentures becomes more essential. The more time that goes by without dentures means your risk of losing additional teeth increases. Without the proper support of all of your teeth, the remaining healthy teeth in your mouth begin to shift and weaken. If you’re already missing several teeth, now is the best time to discuss potential treatment options with your dentist.

Your Teeth Are Loose and Shifting

Once your teeth begin to loosen and noticeably shift, it could be a sign that dentures are in your near future. Loose teeth typically signal decay and may be a consequence of periodontal disease. There may be significant damage occurring without you being able to see it below the gumline. Additionally, if gaps are growing wider between your teeth, this is a signal that your teeth are beginning to shift due to bone loss.

Your Gums Are Red, Swollen, and Tender

Sensitive gums that are red and inflamed are usually the first warning sign of periodontal disease. While early gingivitis can be easily treated through cleaning and preventative measures like prescription toothpaste and mouthwash, it can get worse. If left untreated bone loss begins to occur, which results in both tooth loss and the need for dentures. The best protection against periodontal disease is prevention. If gum disease advances too far, dentures will become your only option.

Severe Tooth Pain Is a Daily Occurrence

Experiencing severe tooth pain and discomfort is the first and most obvious sign that there is a more significant issue. Toothaches can be a signal of decay that has made the way to your nerves, leaving you with severe discomfort. While a root canal may be a viable option for saving a tooth, if the tooth has decayed beyond the point of salvation, an implant will be necessary.

It’s Difficult To Eat Hard or Chewy Foods

Difficulty in eating hard or chewy foods is a sign that teeth may have significant damage. It may be a less-obvious indicator of the need for dentures, but this common sign is one that many patients miss.

Indigestion is an Issue

Another sign of tooth decay that most patients do not realize is chronic indigestion. Because your teeth aren’t properly functioning, it becomes harder to thoroughly chew your food before swallowing. This leads to swallowing larger bites and stomach pains. If you’re experiencing either or both of these symptoms, see your dentist for evaluation.

You’re Self-Conscious About Your Smile

Dentures can be extremely beneficial for patients in a variety of unexpected ways. The most immediate is an increase in your confidence and your smile. Aside from eliminating the need to cover your smile, patients also begin to notice better speech when they talk. When you start to lose your teeth, the structure of your face can become saggy and look older. Dentures can help to retain the healthy shape of your face while restoring function to your smile.

The Benefits of AvaDent Digital Dentures

The idea of dentures can be a bit scary, but it is comforting in knowing you’ve selected the best treatment option available. AvaDent Digital Dentures are custom made to ensure they fit right every time. To find out more about AvaDent and the many benefits of digital dentures, call Hoffman Dental Care today.