man eating dinner enjoying his digital dentures

If you’re missing teeth, and have been researching the different ways you can effectively restore your smile, dentures may be one of the options you’re looking into. If you’re worried about the negative impacts dentures can have on your teeth replacement, such as looking and feeling different than your natural teeth, we may have just the answer you’re searching for.

Why Patients Love Digital Dentures

Digital dentures are making an unbelievable difference to people’s daily lives that have chosen dentures for teeth replacement. This entirely new approach to dentistry is giving patients better options when it comes to all kinds of dental restorations, from dentures and crowns, to Invisalign aligners.

Top Advantages of Digital Dentures

With today’s advanced technology, dental restorations are being crafted with more precision, more accurate measurements and decreasing the chance of human error. Some of the top advantages of digital dentures include:

  • Impressions – Patients are able to take digital impressions with the use of 3D images that are used to make detailed models of your entire mouth, without the gagging and discomfort of the goop used for traditional impressions.
  • Less followup – There are fewer follow-up appointments required to ensure a proper fit because the initial fit of the dentures is excellent from the very beginning.
  • Materials – Top of the line materials are used when creating digital dentures, allowing for a decrease in risk of infection, and less irritation for your gum tissue.
  • Shorter adjustment period – Because the dentures are a great fit from the start, you will have a shorter adjustment period in getting used to them.
  • Long-term solution – Because the digital impression can be easily stored on a computer, your impressions will be easily accessible if the need for replacement ever presents itself from any kind of damage, or if your denture is lost.

Common Problems with Removable Dentures

If you’re ever uncomfortable with your tooth replacements, we’re here to help you in making sure your denture fits and feels like the real thing. Common problems with dentures include:

Dentures Not Fitting Properly

As we age, our jaw bones and our gums change too. This change leads to dentures feeling like they’ve lost their grip and no longer fit properly. If your dentures are no longer providing you with a proper fit, they may need to be relined or potentially replaced, depending on their age. Dentures typically need to be replaced every 4-8 years.

Trouble Speaking

When you first get your denture, there will be an adjustment period to allow you to get comfortable with speaking. Shorten your adjustment period by practicing speaking with your denture in, read a book aloud, or try some speaking exercises to regain your confidence.

Difficulty Eating

Eating can be a difficult task when adjusting to your restorations. Try to chew with your back teeth so that suction doesn’t pull your denture off your palate, and use both sides of your mouth at the same time when chewing.

Sore Spots

If your dentures aren’t fitting correctly, they can cause sore spots to form in your mouth.

Not Looking Natural

Your dentures should make you feel confident and comfortable with yourself and your appearance. Digital dentures can improve on the fit and function of the standard denture, helping make you more confident in your new smile.

You Deserve Great-Fitting Dentures

Our patients deserve to have great fitting dentures that work well and feel comfortable. We’re determined to help you find the right type of tooth replacement that is best for you and your lifestyle. Everyone’s dental journey is unique, and Hoffman Dental is always here to answer any questions you may have on yours along the way.