before and after lumineers

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers an astonishing number of ways to transform your smile, ranging from simple and affordable options to more involved, full mouth reconstruction. Just about any aspect of your teeth that you are concerned about can be corrected with modern techniques. Treatments address a variety of issues, including missing teeth, gaps, tooth color and shape, gum issues, symmetry, facial structures, and more. Your ideal smile may be more attainable than you think.


Lumineers are the ultimate option for a total smile makeover. Lumineers are an extraordinarily thin and realistic-looking veneer, or permanent tooth covering, that can often be placed without the tooth reduction required by traditional porcelain veneers. Lumineers are ideal for the visible front teeth as they are translucent like natural teeth, resist stains and discoloration, and simply look beautiful. Lumineers can be used to correct discoloration, chips, cracks, misshapen or uneven teeth, minor misalignment (crooked teeth), short teeth, or gaps. Lumineers can be placed in just two appointments, but they can be a larger investment than some other treatment options.


Crowns are an affordable option for correcting a single tooth as well as making over an entire smile. A crown is a cap, or cover, that is placed over an existing tooth that has been damaged or decayed. It will look and function like a natural tooth. Crowns are tried and true ways to address damaged and decayed teeth and can also be used as anchors for a bridge. A bridge will replace one or more missing teeth, dramatically improving your smile. Crowns are affordable, and the process for placing them is a simple, common procedure.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are similar to crowns but will also replace the root structure of a missing tooth. If your tooth lacks the structure required for a crown or bonding, we can permanently secure a dental implant to the jaw where your tooth’s root would naturally be located. Your bone will fuse with the dental implant, and it will feel and act like a natural tooth. A crown is placed on top of the implant to match your teeth and complete your smile. Implants are more of an investment than certain other treatment options, but because they are fused into the jawbone, they have several benefits, including durability and the ability to preserve the facial structure.


Over time, aligners straighten teeth without the look and discomfort of traditional braces. Digital imaging technology is used to customize your aligners. You wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours per day and replace them every two weeks to comfortably straighten your teeth. Invisalign can completely transform your smile, resulting in a full smile makeover.


Bonding uses a putty-like composite resin or inlays/onlays to address a number of cosmetic concerns. Bonding can be applied to an individual tooth or can be utilized to transform multiple teeth and create a beautiful smile. Bonding is an affordable and relatively simple procedure to correct broken, chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth, as well as fix gaps and discoloration.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an easy and affordable approach to get excellent results. Professional whitening treatments are superior to over-the-counter options and can get safer, more noticeable results. We offer take-home treatments to maximize your convenience and comfort.

Common Smile Makeover Misconceptions

You Need a Full Set of Veneers To Makeover Your Smile

Lumineers can offer an incredible smile makeover, but a full set of veneers is not the only option for repairing your teeth.

Your Smile Will Look Fake

Modern cosmetic dental treatments are surprisingly natural-looking. Lumineers are extremely thin, and their color and translucence mimic natural teeth. Similarly, crowns and bonding will match your tooth color and texture. Our modern treatments are designed to blend seamlessly into your smile.

It’s Too Expensive

You may be surprised at the affordability of some treatments, and even our more affordable options can have a drastic effect. Financing is also available.

It’s Too Late

It is never too late to transform your smile! Schedule an appointment at Hoffman Dental Care today, and we will take into consideration factors like oral health, existing dental problems, and missing teeth to customize a treatment plan that puts your ideal smile within reach.