Woman in blue dress holds orange suitcase in hands.

As springtime quickly approaches, it’s likely you will be heading off on a getaway either near or far in the not-to-distant future. While preparing for a trip, always be sure to give a little extra attention to maintaining your healthy smile. Vacation is the perfect time to kick back and forget about your daily responsibilities, but you don’t want your dental health to fall short while away.

Follow these travel tips for your teeth to keep your oral health in check wherever you go.

Packing Your Oral Health Essentials

As you pack up travel essentials including your bathing suit, sunscreen, and toiletries, there are a few other items you should not forget to put in your suitcase. Can’t remember where you put that travel case for your toothbrush? Not to worry. We recommend you skip it anyways! Travel cases for toothbrushes may seem like a great idea to keep your bristles clean. However, the moist environment can encourage bacterial growth causing more harm than good.

When packing, don’t forget:

Schedule a Check-up Before You Depart

The last thing you want to do as soon as you land in a foreign place is to find emergency dental care. In order to be sure that you don’t take off with any hidden oral health issues, be sure to schedule a check-up before you leave town. At Hoffman Dental Care, we will confirm that your mouth is in good oral health using x-rays, an examination, and a professional cleaning. If any issues do pop up, it’s best to address them beforehand to save you a potential emergency visit during your trip.

When In Doubt, Stick To Bottled Water

Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to be careful about the water supply you’re using to brush your teeth. If you are not unable to drink the water from the tap, it’s also not recommended that you brush with it or use it to rinse. When in doubt, only use bottled water on your toothbrush to avoid getting sick from the local water supply.

Maintain Your At-Home Routine On The Go

You may be on vacation, but plaque and harmful bacteria aren’t. Stick to brushing twice a day, flossing every night, and add a mouthwash into your regimen if possible to keep your teeth healthy and cavity-free during your travels.

If you feel as though you’ve veered off course from your oral healthcare routine while traveling, don’t worry. Just be sure to get back on track when you return home.

Be Prepared For a Dental Emergency

Have your dentist’s contact information handy in your cell phone or keep a business card in your wallet in case of a dental emergency. More dental emergencies can be resolved over the phone than you might think, especially if you are a patient that is seen regularly. As a patient, it can be difficult to know if something needs to be treated right away, or if it can wait until you get home.

Another great thing to pack in case of an emergency is your health insurance information. If you do have to see an unfamiliar dentist, you will need to give them all of your insurance information for their records.

If you find yourself in a dental emergency while traveling, call Hoffman Dental Care so we can help. We can help you find emergency care near you, or schedule an emergency appointment for the day you return.

Don’t forget to call today to schedule a dental check-up before you leave with Hoffman Dental Care today!