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Getting a dental crown is not a time-consuming and drawn-out process like it used to be. In the past, crowns and other types of dental restorations required uncomfortable impression goop and weeks of waiting for your restoration to be produced in a dental lab. Same day CEREC crowns are the perfect modern-day solution for busy individuals who are looking to go into a dentist’s office and walk out with your smile fully restored in just one visit.

Same Day CEREC Crowns

At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Hoffman will create a 3-Dimensional Digital Impression of your mouth to measure the area where the CEREC crown will be placed. A small camera is used to take a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth, which means there is no need for traditional impression material. Once the 3D image has been created, the milling unit is utilized to create a custom ceramic crown. The crown will then be painted and glazed to match your other teeth seamlessly. After the crown is finished being created, it will then be bonded to your tooth in a matter of minutes, and you will be on your way with a fully-functioning solution.

Unique Advantages of CEREC Crowns

When it comes to CEREC crowns, the list of benefits speaks for itself. This new technology allows for the most obvious benefit – saving you significant time. Your permanent crown will be placed in the same appointment as the crown prep is performed.

Unique advantages of CEREC Crowns include:

  • The entire process only takes 2 hours from start to finish
  • Digital Impressions are created of your mouth in a matter of minutes
  • No temporary crowns are required
  • No goopy impressions will be taken
  • Less Postoperative sensitivity
  • CEREC crowns look & feel like a real tooth
  • Aesthetically, no other type of crown can compete with a CEREC crown
  • They can last on average 10-15 years; but if taken care of, they may last much longer
  • The creation of  your ceramic crown ensures accuracy & precision by using our in-house  milling unit
  • Studies show that CEREC crowns are 50% more accurate than a lab-fabricated crown

Disadvantages of CEREC Crowns

Although same-day CEREC dental crowns are convenient, there are certain situations where a traditional dental crown may be a better choice for your unique situation. CEREC technology uses a block of ceramic to design your custom crown, and disadvantages to take into consideration are:

  • Traditional crowns are made of porcelain, ceramic, metal, or porcelain fused to metal. A metal crown is stronger and better resistant to fracture and wear and tear.
  • Metal crowns can be made of various alloys, which bonds better to the tooth.
  • Traditional crowns are more durable.
  • The CEREC camera is unable to capture the image accurately if your tooth’s fracture extends below the gum line.
  • If there is a fracture below the gum line, a traditional crown may fit better.

Is a Same Day Crown Right For You?

With the entire CEREC crown process only taking around two hours from start to finish, it’s easy to see why people choose a completely custom dental crown in just one visit. We understand that your time is valuable, and same-day crowns eliminate the grueling process of having to schedule multiple appointments for the different phases traditional dental crowns require.

If you’re wondering, “is a CEREC Crown right for me?” Hoffman Dental Center would love to help you answer that question with a consultation appointment. To learn more about this new technology, and to see if you are a potential candidate, call us today!