Digital scanning dentistry

Dental impressions are something almost everyone has had to suffer through at one point or another during a dental appointment. If you have a sensitive gag reflex or suffer from dental anxiety, the thought of impressions may even have you putting off necessary dental work.

Take relief in knowing that there is an alternative to traditional impressions that create a final impression for dental crowns, bridges, veneers, or Invisalign. Digital Scanning from iTero allows for a better-fitting final restoration in less time.

How the iTero Digital Impression Scanner Works

Intraoral scanners from iTero capture images in a patient’s mouth to create three-dimensional dental images in minutes. The entire scanning process is simple, effective, and can be operated by a single dental professional. The 3D digital scans produced are more detailed than traditional 2D images to provide patients and dental practices with the best results.

Intraoral digital scans help create accurate physical dental models for restorative dentistry work, including crowns, dental implants, and veneers. Intraoral digital scans from iTero scanners are ideal for anyone looking to straighten their smile with Invisalign. The communication between providers is greatly improved when all parties utilize digital impression scans, which creates a more positive patient experience.

Conventional Vs. Digital Impression

The entire iTero scanner process is all about patient comfort. By offering a digital impression system to our patients, we can provide a more comfortable experience with much more accurate results. The iTero scanner does not expose patients to any radiation, and it’s completely safe. Any restorative dentistry treatment needed can be expedited as the scanning process is superior when compared to conventional impressions taken with bite registration.

Digital Impressions For Invisalign

Invisalign is a proven method for successfully straightening a patient’s smile without the use of traditional braces. The Invisalign process consists of a series of clear aligner trays that gradually straighten your smile. Aligners are crafted with 3D imaging to fit your teeth perfectly and guarantee a comfortable treatment.

Dr. Hoffman and our treatment coordinators will take a panoramic x-ray, photos, and scan your teeth using an iTero intraoral scanner. The iTero intraoral scanner will create a digital 3-D image, which Dr. Hoffman will use to create a precise treatment plan, including your teeth’ exact movements. Using this same technology, he will even be able to show you a virtual representation of how your teeth will move with each stage of treatment.

Digital Impressions For Dental Restorations

One of the things patients dread most about dental restorations is the traditional impression process when fitted for a crown or veneers. Traditional impressions require an uncomfortable two minutes of gooey material, and the entire process can be incredibly uncomfortable for those with a sensitive gag reflex or dental anxiety.

Digital impressions have transformed restorative dentistry treatment planning. Our dentists use iTero to take virtual, highly accurate 3D impressions of your teeth and the inside of your mouth.

Capturing precise, detailed images aids us in creating your custom dental restorations to provide you with the best possible results. With fewer adjustments required along the way, digital scans help to streamline the entire restorative treatment process. iTero allows our providers to project how your teeth will look after your treatment digitally, so you know exactly what to expect with your results.

Advanced Technology For a Better Fit Every Time

iTero Intraoral Scanners are already the leader in dental technology; however, they continuously refine their intraoral scanning options. Renowned for their accuracy, iTero helps increase capture speed while keeping patients comfortable and relaxed during the imaging process.

To learn more about digital impressions, or if you have any questions about the process, contact Hoffman Dental Care today.