Macomb dental technologyBeen paying attention to dental industry news? That’s ok, we understand (it’s pretty impossible for dentistry to compete with your Facebook feed) – but there are some stories here and there that may be of interest to you. One big step forward that you may have missed is dentistry’s transformed technology. The advent of 3D models, digital impressions, and CAD/CAM technology have completely altered the way we practice dentistry. At Hoffman Dental Care, we take full advantage of the revolutionary tools and techniques. Some of them even allow us to provide the kind of patient experience that eases dental anxiety and enhances comfort.

How Dental Technology Helps Patients Love Treatment

Teeth can be tricky. Think about how unlike other parts of your body they are, and you’ll begin to get an idea of the complexity and range of dental researchers’ concerns. Dentistry is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. With each passing decade, dentists are able to treat and enhance  your pearly whites in increasingly safe, comfortable, and aesthetic ways. With the aid of modern technology, we’ll make your time in the dental chair your best yet, and your results incredibly natural in appearance.

Digital Dentistry in Macomb

Hoffman Dental Care makes use of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) in creating dental restorations. What does this mean, exactly? From your impression to your final crown or denture, a computer will play a role in the process. The digital aspect of treatment, coupled with Dr. Hoffman’s expertise, lead to restorations that fit perfectly, look beautiful, and feel just right. The entire course of treatment also offers unparalleled speed so that we may restore your teeth as quickly as possible. With the assistance of digital dentistry, we’re better able to get you back to regular life with a gorgeous smile in place.

AvaDent Dentures

Macomb AvaDent dentures

Dentures have long been the butt of dental jokes. From cartoon characters losing their replacement teeth to visual gags of dentures in glasses of water, society thinks full-mouth tooth replacement is a joke. Modern dentures are far more than funny hunks of plastic. They are precisely crafted, functional, and welcome replacement teeth. AvaDent dentures take advantage of CAD/CAM technology to provide you with false teeth that feel like your own. Between their hygienic construction, superb fit, and enduring digital record for quick replacements, AvaDent dentures make serious innovations in denture fabrication.

CEREC Crowns

Macomb cerec crowns

CAD/CAM technology isn’t just for dentures – it also makes inroads in same-day crown fabrication. When you receive a standard crown, impressions of your prepared tooth need to be sent to a dental lab. You then wait for the crown to return (wearing temporaries in the process), and return to your dentist’s to have the crown bonded in place. This time and energy commitment is more than some patients would like. But how can the process be streamlined?

The CEREC system cuts out the middleman to speed up your crown’s creation, and put it in place ASAP. Dr. Hoffman will prepare your tooth, and then take three dimensional impressions. These will be transferred to the CEREC milling machine, where Dr. Hoffman will tweak the model to add any necessary touches. The computerized machine will then craft the crown from porcelain. The entire process takes between 1-2 hours, allowing you to avoid temporaries, a waiting period, and even a second appointment. Once your crown is ready, we’ll put it onto the prepared tooth and send you on your way.

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