Macomb denturesHave you worn dentures in the past, or are you currently wearing them? Chances are, you’ve had more than a few frustrating moments trying to get them to obey. Ill-fitting, loose, and uncomfortable dentures are far less than you deserve. Modern technology and precision fitting techniques have made it possible to find dentures that feel and look like your own teeth.

Why Patients Struggle With Dentures

Dentures are inherently problematic. They replace entire sets of missing teeth, but since there are no teeth remaining in the mouth, they don’t have adequate sources of support. This leads to dentures causing patients no end of grief. Some of the most common problems with dentures include:

  • Irritation and discomfort
  • Difficulty eating and speaking
  • Looseness and denture slipping
  • Infections caused by sores and trapped bacteria

Improving Denture Technology in Macomb County

Macomb denturesDentures are supposed to act as tooth replacements. Their function should be stellar, and their look natural. Until recent decades, dental technology just hadn’t advanced enough to make these goals a reality. Today, dental labs and dental professionals have access to materials, technology, and techniques that make the entire denture process more precise and predictable. From fitting to construction to materials, modern dentures are an entirely new tooth replacement paradigm.

Dentures and Dental Implants

One method of improving denture stability and performance is pairing the dentures with sets of dental implants. The implants connect with the jaw bone to act as denture foundations. The result is dentures that remain firmly in place, and feel secure. Patients feel much more comfortable engaging with others, eating and speaking, and living their lives.

Unfortunately, not every patient is able to receive dental implants. Health restrictions, lack of proper bone density, and cost considerations can make implants a reach. Shouldn’t dentures be independently stable and comfortable without requiring implant support?

The Avadent Denture Difference

Macomb AvaDent denturesAvaDent is leading the way in contemporary denture development. This system removes the guesswork and repetitive fittings that accompany standard dentures. Rather than taking physical impressions, your dentist will use 3D imaging to take detailed, comprehensive three-dimensional models of your mouth. These images will allow AvaDent technicians to create dentures that are uniquely suited to your mouth.

The entire AvaDent system utilizes the aid of computer technology to help remove chances for human error. Computerized denture construction uses the 3D impressions as blueprints for precision denture construction. In addition to creating gorgeous, comfortable dentures, this process offers patients the following advantages:

  • Limited follow-up appointments – Typical dentures require patients to return to the office again and again, until a series of tweaks has rendered them wearable. Because AvaDent dentures get the fit right from the start, this process will be briefer and the adjustment period more manageable.
  • Excellent denture fit – AvaDent creates dentures by means of CAD/CAM milling technology. This system draws from 3D models and dentist input to fabricate ideal dentures. The dentures will feel incredibly similar to natural teeth (and they will function on that same level).
  • Preserved patient record – The 3D impressions will be saved as digital files, always on hand for quick denture replacement should yours go missing or become damaged.
  • Lowered chance of infection – AvaDent uses denture materials that are denser than traditional options. It is therefore less likely that bacteria infiltrate the dentures and cause gum disease.

If you’ve forsaken dentures, consider giving them another chance. Dr. Hoffman is an AvaDent provider, and would love to help you take advantage of this incredible technology. You will be surprised by the incredible fit, form, and function of your new teeth. Get in touch with our office to learn more.

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