Smiling woman showing off her dentures.

People make a lot of assumptions about dentures, and some of these are based on outdated information. The truth is dentures have come a long way. Modern materials and techniques mean better tooth-replacement options.

If you are on the fence about getting dentures or if you are living with denture problems and think they are normal, you might be considering outdated ideas about dentures.

Common Denture Myths

Dentures Look Fake

Simply put, fake-looking dentures are usually low quality. Modern materials mean that dentures can look almost exactly like natural teeth. High-quality dentures will be realistic and even take into account that natural teeth are not perfectly shaped or brilliantly white. Instead, good dentures will look like real teeth.

Dentures are Low-Tech

Modern dentures are not one-size-fits-all. Our Macomb Dentist offers AvaDent Dentures. This technology allows for utilizing digital technology to fabricate completely customized dentures with a near-perfect fit. With digital scanners and high-tech fabrication methods, dentures are created in a surprisingly short time with an unparalleled fit.

Additional benefits of a high-tech approach include fewer appointments. Because AvaDent dentures fit so well when created, there is less of a need for adjustments. Lastly, your digital record will stay on file, so if dentures are lost or damaged, they can be quickly replaced.

Lots of Foods are Off-Limits

Great news: no foods are totally off-limits with dentures. It is true, however, that some foods are more challenging to eat than others. This includes popcorn, chewy candy, steak, nuts, and chewing gum. You can have these foods on occasion, but you need to be mindful of your chewing and cut meat into small pieces.

That said, when you first get your dentures, there is an adjustment period. Many patients find it helpful to start with liquid and soft foods for a period of time while they adjust to life with dentures. As time passes and you get used to your dentures, add back your normal favorite foods and you will be eating what you love before you know it.

It’s Hard to Speak with Dentures

Just like learning to eat with new dentures, speaking may require some practice at first. It should not take a long time to adjust to speaking with your dentures, especially if they are a good quality product with a good fit.

Practice speaking with your new dentures in private to become more comfortable. Talk with your partner, read a book or magazine out loud, or even sing along with your favorite songs.

Dentures are Painful, Fall Out, or Move Around

If you have had dentures or know someone with dentures, you may be aware of these common denture complaints. But you don’t have to live with uncomfortable dentures. With a proper fit, quality dentures should not be loose or painful.

A small amount of time may be required for your gums to adjust to having dentures, but ongoing pain, rubbing, or falling out is most likely the result of a poor fit. With high-quality, better-fitting dentures, fit issues should become a thing of the past. More precise measuring and manufacturing techniques mean an excellent fit from the beginning.

Dentures Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath with dentures is a result of bacteria building up in the mouth. When you get dentures, it is crucial to care for them and for your mouth properly. Cleaning your dentures and a good oral hygiene routine should help you to avoid any bad breath.

In addition, a good fit will prevent bacteria from settling in between the gums and dentures. Add modern bacteria-resistant materials, and your dentures should not result in bad breath.

Are You Interested in Better Dentures?

If you are ready to explore high-tech dentures, schedule an appointment with our office right away. We can have you in high-quality dentures that fit before you know it.