Macomb dentures

Dental restorations shouldn’t be anything other than natural. Their appearance, feel, and function should be comparable to that of your own teeth. After all, dental restorations should serve to make your smile more beautiful, not detract from it. Dentures have always posed something of a problem. It’s difficult for many patients to find tooth replacements that fit them as intended. AvaDent dentures change that.

Perfectly-Fitting Dentures Can Be Yours

With AvaDent, the guesswork goes out the window. This advanced system uses 3D imaging and computerized milling machines to make dentures that match precise specifications. Yours will be uniquely suited to you alone.

Bringing computerized denture construction into the equation helps remove room for error. The AvaDent technology makes dentures that fit well, reducing your time in the dental chair and enhancing patient satisfaction. AvaDent offers the following treatment advantages:

  • Fewer follow-ups – Your dentures will fit as intended from the start. There won’t be repeated appointments to tweak the plastic or wire supports. You’ll simply feel security and confidence in your new teeth.
  • Exact fit – AvaDent utilizes CAD/CAM milling technology, which considers input from 3D x-rays and images in order to create the perfect dentures. Your restorations will feel incredibly comfortable and stable – similar to natural teeth.
  • Ongoing record – If your dentures suffer damage, your images will be on file for quick replacement. Digital impressions make the entire process simpler and speedier.
  • Beneficial for oral hygiene – Many dentures can cause problems like decay or periodontal disease, as they allow bacteria to gather and remain in the mouth. AvaDent dentures are fabricated from denser material than traditional dentures, making it tougher for bacteria to invade the material and linger.

Modern Dentures And Your Smile

No longer do dentures mean awkward fit and less-than-ideal function. Your AvaDent dentures will feel the way you’ve always imagined dentures could feel. Learn more by contacting our Macomb practice at (586) 580-7517.