Macomb Botox treatment

As technology advances, we gain greater and greater control of every factor of our lives. This extends to even our bodies. No longer are facial wrinkles annoyances that we’re forced to just put up with. While seemingly different, chronic pain is a similarly frustrating problem. Both are related to frequent muscle movement that often occurs without our command. For this reason, Botox treatment is useful in both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. If you’ve ever been interested in reducing facial lines or finding an escape from ongoing pain, relaxing specific muscles with Botox could be the answer. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Botox and Facial Lines

Our emotions are expressed across our faces. While it’s wonderful to smile, laugh, and show surprise, we’re not always pleased with the side effects that these facial movements have on our skin. It’s even worse when negative feelings like stress and frustration leave their traces on our faces.

Botox can smooth these facial lines to restore youthfulness. Once injected, Botox blocks nerve commands to muscles, leaving target muscles relaxed. Once these muscles stop moving, the skin over them is able to smooth and heal. Because Dr. Hoffman will carefully, expertly inject the medication, only certain muscles will be affected. You’ll retain the majority of your facial movement while enjoying a release from wrinkles across the forehead and between your brows.

Botox Therapeutic for Muscle-Related Pain

Just as frequently flexing muscles can cause wrinkles, it can also cause discomfort. Unwanted muscle movement can occur during sleep, leaving the area sore and fatigued. This is especially common for patients who struggle with teeth clenching and grinding, or with a TMJ disorder. Injections of Botox at the jaw joint will help the area relax and return you to comfort.

If you’d like to learn more about Botox treatment, please get in touch with our Macomb practice today!