Macomb periodontal treatmentWhen your gums are infected, you feel sore and out-of-sorts. The last thing you want to do is subject your tender gums to poking and prodding, but treatment is the only way to improve the situation. Periodontal treatment doesn’t need to be stressful. Think of it not as an invasion, but as a healing process. In order to treat the infection, we’ll need to access deep areas of your gums. While this can be uncomfortable, it’s necessary to begin returning your gums to normal. We’ll also provide anesthesia during treatment so that you won’t feel any pain.

Steps of Periodontal Treatment

One way to feel better about periodontal treatment is to understand exactly what it’s going to entail. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most significant steps in the battle against gum disease:

  1. Scaling – This is something done at every dental exam, but it’s slightly more involved when gum disease is present. We’ll remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth, both above and below the gum line, to reduce inflammation. This is often done with a standard dental scaler, but may also be performed with an ultrasonic scaler to help break up plaque.
  2. Root planing – Root planing also removes plaque from the tooth roots. Dr. Hoffman may smooth the root surfaces to help prevent bacteria from adhering in the future.
  3. Antibiotics – Depending on your infection, we may recommend that you take a course of antibiotics. This will help prevent disease from returning. We may also place tiny antibiotic packets in any periodontal pockets that have formed at the gum line.
  4. Follow-up treatments – The most important part of periodontal treatment is future monitoring. We need to ensure disease is not trying to return. We’ll schedule you at a certain frequency so that we can stay aware of the state of your gums.

Are Your Gums Inflamed?

If your gums have changed or are in the process of changing, get in touch for an exam.