Macomb dentistHow do you feel when there’s a dental appointment on the calendar?

If you don’t exactly get excited about an upcoming dental exam, you’re by no means in the minority. Countless adults struggle with dental anxiety, which prevents them from feeling good about their dental care. But while your anxiety might have been with you for years, it doesn’t have to last forever. Find ways to feel more comfortable about your treatment, and gain a new outlook on dentistry at large.

Have questions or concerns about your next appointment/procedure? Just get in touch to reach out to our staff.

How To Engage With Your Dental Care

  • Ask questions – We’re here to help you! By connecting with Dr. Hoffman and our entire staff, you gain friendships that will have you feeling better about returning to the office. If you’re ever uncertain about something, just let us know. Learning more about what to expect from your treatment and how you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful will put you at ease.
  • Research your procedure – If there’s an upcoming treatment that has you feeling nervous, then you can benefit from doing a little research. Chances are, what you imagine happening during that procedure is far different from the reality. Browse our website for some preliminary information, and draw up a list of questions to go over with our office staff.
  • Consider dental¬†sedation – Dental anesthesia prevents you experiencing any pain during invasive treatment. But it doesn’t address your anxiety. Sedation offers an opportunity to feel completely calm, even in a situation where you would normally be nervous. This form of medication slows your nervous system slightly, so that you don’t experience the same anxious edge. There are different forms of sedation available, and we’ll find one that’s right for you.
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