Macomb CEREC crownsHave you received a dental crown before? When thinking about the experience, you probably remember a temporary, multiple appointments, and waiting anxiously for your new crown to arrive. What if you could cut out the hassle? The CEREC system allows Dr. Hoffman to provide our patients with brand-new crowns the same day the impression is taken. A single-appointment crown procedure saves you time, energy, and frustration. Just how is such a quick crown process possible? Read on to learn more about CEREC same-day crowns.

The CEREC Crown Procedure

In order to receive a standard crown, you’ll need to wait for it to return from our dental lab. This means that you’ll wear a temporary during the waiting period, then return to our office to have your permanent crown bonded on. CEREC allows us to make your crowns in our own office, within just a few hours. The process will typically involve the following steps:

  1. We prepare the tooth that will receive a crown.
  2. The prepared area is coated with a special reflective powder.
  3. Our Macomb staff takes a digital impression of the area with an infrared camera.
  4. You spend the next hour or so as you please, running errands or relaxing in our office.
  5. Dr. Hoffman uses CEREC’s milling technology to determine the crown’s specifics.
  6. The milling machine creates the crown from the digital image and Dr. Hoffman’s input.
  7. Once the crown is complete, Dr. Hoffman puts any finishing touches in place.
  8. The crown is seated in your mouth and bonded to your natural tooth. We ensure the look and fit are both comfortable and natural.

Why Might I Need a Porcelain Crown?

Dental crowns rebuild teeth that have been damaged. They may have been compromised by decay, trauma, or gradual wear and tear. But they don’t need to remain that way. Contact our Macomb County office online or call (547) 876-2345 for guidance.