When Porcelain Veneers Look Like the Real Thing

Your cosmetic dentistry should become a part of your natural smile. With the right transformation, your dental flaws are obscured while your strengths are enhanced. Your teeth look like they belong in your overall appearance, and help magnify your physical strengths. To accomplish all that, a cosmetic dentist needs the right tools. One of the […]

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month – Celebrate at Home

February is Children’s Dental Health Month! Maybe not the most exciting-sounding holiday or period of awareness, but definitely one of the most important. The dental health patterns children follow while young can dictate how they treat their teeth for the rest of their lives. If they have cavities, they might become scared of the drill […]

Botox Boosts Skin, Mood, and Comfort

Although it’s an established household name, we’re still learning more about Botox. This remarkable medication has many more applications than the smoothing of wrinkles, even thought that’s what it’s become famous for. In fact, its first use was actually in a medical capacity. Patients today find a variety of benefits after receiving Botox treatment – […]

A Cavity-Free Holiday Season

The holidays are an opportunity to indulge – just make sure you’re not overdoing things. If you want your entire family to be cavity-free come the new year, there are steps to take that keep your oral health at the forefront of your priorities, even while you’re celebrating. Christmas candy and holiday parties don’t have […]

Why are Pregnant Women Skipping the Dentist?

A recent Cigna study found that pregnant women aren’t getting the dental care they need. More than 33% of expectant mothers haven’t had a dental exam in over a year. While there’s so much to remember during your pregnancy, your oral health should always be a top priority. Learn more about why dental health is so […]

What’s Hiding in Your Toothpaste?

Why do you use your current toothpaste? Is it the same one you’ve used for decades? Was it recommended by a family member, friend, or your dentist? Or was it just on sale at the grocery store? We’re not always super careful when choosing our oral hygiene products – but we benefit from taking a […]